Road Trip In Saskatchewan

My husband and I do not travel very far or very often, but now and then we just decide to get away for a day or two.

I am not a fan of the trip itself, but we enjoy a specific little hospitality chain that has nice hotels in Saskatchewan and Alberta.   If you ever get the chance to check them out, D3H Homesuites are clean, economical, the staff are welcoming, the complementary breakfast is good, they have a pool and hot tub and a small workout room.

We always get the jacuzzi suite with a king bed bedroom, jacuzzi, fireplace, sitting area with nice desk area and bar fridge.

Sometimes all it takes is a day or two, without a care in the world to come home recharged, ready for anything – even a Saskatchewan winter.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip In Saskatchewan

  1. Road trips in your area must be a delight compared to the massive traffic jams we have here in Western Europe that make road trips the least viable option for someone who is looking for ways to relax…. at least we have bullet trains

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  2. Well, I love the far North and empty roads. I experienced that in Central Finland. Central and Southern Europe have a lot to see and plenty of public transportation but empty spaces and empty roads are almost impossible to find….too much hustle and bustle

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  3. In western Canada there is a lot of options for train travel. There are a few special tourist charter trains that run out of Calgary and Vancouver, BC. If you were looking at going to Banff and Jasper, it would be worth looking at the Okanagan region of British Columbia.

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