The Barley Mill
Yorkies and Chips

Another Saturday out shopping with my husband. We went out to The Barley Mill for one of my favourite lunches.

We were kind of, sort of celebrating. Evraz North America got hit by a data ransom attack so the company is basically on shut down until everything gets resolved. All of the employees who work in the steel plants and pipe mills are laid off. At this point, Dan is supposed to be laid off for three weeks.

Obviously this is bad news for the business, owners and shareholders. This is bad news for the IT department and management who has to deal with this fiasco. This is terrible news for the younger employees who have home mortgages and vehicle loans to pay and families to support. I feel for all of them.

But Dan & I are fine. Our humble little house is mortgage free, we have one small vehicle loan, we have emergency funds and I am still working. My paycheque will cover our monthly bills and keep food on the table. For Dan and I this is sort of a minor inconvenience – which is more than offset by the fact that Dan is home for three weeks. Whoo hoo!!!πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

For three weeks we get to keep regular hours, eat regular home cooked meals and spend quality time together. I have been busy creating a honey-do list. Dan has been busy buying beer and booking rounds of golf.

We may have a conflict of interests. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜•

3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Wow! I knew these things happened but have never known anyone who was affected by it. I am so sorry and like you I think about all those who will suffer major loss from this. I hope things resolve soon and enjoy your three weeks!

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  2. Thank you. It is really bad for those who have to deal with fixing it and for those who cannot afford the financial hit. I will definitely enjoy the next three weeks. Dan hasn’t been laid off for ages – like seventeen years and he is really good to me when he is off. He drives me to work and brings me lunch. He does laundry and vacuums. He does all the shopping and makes awesome meals. And he is home every night and on weekends. It is a total holiday for me!


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