Retirement Update

I am transitioning from employment to retirement, with a slight detour through a pandemic.  This detour has taught me a number of things about myself and my impending retirement.

1.  I am ready to retire!  I love the peace and calm of retirement.  I do not miss anything about my job – I particularly do not miss the constant pressure and conflict. 

2.  I wasted money when I was working.  I spent a lot of money on fast food and going out for supper.  I spent money on clothes – not designer labels or anything, but working in a construction company office is hard on clothes.  I always needed a new shirt or jeans or jacket or boots. 🤷 I spent a lot of money on OTC drugs like aspirin, antacids, immodeum and the like. I do need them anymore.

3. I save money not working. Our shopping has gone from pricey porkchops, steaks and chicken breasts to stewing beef, ground beef, and ham, pork and beef roasts, and whole chicken – which has led to some creative use of leftovers. It isn’t that I suddenly love cooking, it is just that I have the time and energy to do it. I even made a homemade birthday cake for Dan. I save money on gas and vehicle upkeep. This is partly due to staying home because of the pandemic, but mostly because my driving was primarily to work and home. Also, I will save quite a bit on planting our garden this year. Typically, I buy a lot of bedding plants. This year, for the first time in decades, I have been starting my own bedding plants from seeds. 🌾

4.  My health was worse than I realized and it is improving more than I thought it would.  With my stress level down, my asthma has eased off considerably  and out of the construction dusty air  in my office, I am breathing way easier.   I cough much less  and my blood oxygen level has gone from 91% to 97%.    That alone makes me feel far less stressed and healthier. 

5.  Our house was seriously messy.  I have spent hours deep cleaning since I have been home.  I still have many hours left to go, but the improvement is already notable.    It is also pretty exciting finding things that have been MIA for months.  

6.  I am not hating the idea of starting a couple of renovation projects.  Once I get finished with spring cleaning, I plan to redo the grandkids room.  The last time we did it was before Genie was born.  The wallpaper pattern is an adorable mix of baby toys – a little juvenile now that she is sixteen.

Dolly & Dolly

7. I am spending way less time on social media than I thought I would. I do enjoy blogging and hope to spend more time connecting with others on this platform. I have just been getting busy making my ‘transition’ lately.

8. I am really enjoying spending more time with Dan. It is hard when one half of a couple works traditional Monday to Friday hours while the other works twelve hour, twenty four/seven shifts. This could be my favourite part of retirement. 😍 I wasn’t sure how it would go once we are both retired and together every day but honestly, I think it will be great.


13 thoughts on “Retirement Update

  1. Now that my country is in lockdown and all bars and restaurants are closed I realize how much money I have wasted on non-essentials. I have felt for many years that because I work hard I am entitled to spend and consume. I have bought into the wrong philosopy. Perhaps I need retirement too

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  2. Some restrictions will be lifted after May 5th but bars, restaurants, discos and so on will likely stay closed. We don’t even know if we will be able to go on vacation.
    Feels like living in times of war

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  3. That is good! Are you and your wife both working? My husband is still on the job. The government thinks it is okay because they are just steel workers but a lot of the guys out there are married to healthcare workers.


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