Feeling Fine – Really!

I had no idea how detrimental my job had gotten to be to my health. Between the stress and the dust, it just wore me down gradually to the point where I had no idea how miserable I felt.

Due to concerns regarding Covid-19, I took sick leave on March 20th. It has been just a few days over a month. Fortunately, I have dodged the virus while I built up my immunity and my health in general.

The weather has been sunny and warm the last few days. I have spent a lot of time puttering around the yard, walking Kat, and generally relaxing.

I have also spent considerable time catching up on housework. I always did the basics but I just did not have the time or energy to tackle the deep clean projects. So far, I have cleaned all of the kitchen and porch cupboards, defrosted the freezer and fridge, wiped down the livingroom walls, cleaned the ceiling fans and scrubbed the floors.

Today while Dan was at work, I took down the window blinds in our bedroom, washed them in the bathtub, took them outside to dry and wiped down the bedroom walls. When I was done, I scrubbed the bathtub, took Kat for a walk, came home to make her a big batch of food and made our supper. I cannot believe I was able to do all that in one afternoon! A month ago, there is no way I would have had the strength to take the blinds down much less anything else.

Needless to say, I am pumped that I have come this far! It is so great not to have to struggle for every breath. It is so nice not to feel exhausted. I haven’t felt this well for years.😊


6 thoughts on “Feeling Fine – Really!

  1. I am glad your husband is home. I hope you both get feeling better. It takes a lot out of patient and family being in a hospital. Thank you for the hair remark. Hopefully by the time I get another haircut it will be all white. The transition is so hard going from such dark hair but had to do it when I had shingles (on my head and face) to last winter. I wasn’t about to use dye or dye remover on that so had to just let it do what it did!

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  2. Thank you! Our room was much fresher last night. My husband did put them back up when he got home from work. They attach with screws – easier to take them down than it is to hold them up while screwing them into place.


  3. I’m glad that you feel so re-energized! We get stuck sometimes in things, obligations or routines that really zap our energy. I can imagine you feel like ‘new’ now.

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