Still Walking🌬️

Kat and I went for our regular walk this morning. We did 5km in 66 minutes. That included three stops to pick up Kat poo, one stop to visit with a guy who was cutting through the park with his Giant Tiger purchases, one stop to chat with Gaylene and Absinthe (her black lab), and about half a km for Kat to search for berries and/or squirrels along the path. It was minus 8 celcius, snow flurries, and a brutal northwest wind.

Granted, I was wearing several layers of heavy fall clothing, including two pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves, but I was still pretty proud of myself and my little dog. I don’t know how we will make out through the winter, but we do not have any heavy snowfalls forecast for this month so we aren’t ready to give up our walk yet.

Have a great weekend and KEEP WARM🌞


17 thoughts on “Still Walking🌬️

  1. I can’t see her keeping (getting) them on but once it gets really brutal we won’t go far or for long. I’ll get my exercise clearing snow and take up indoor meditation or something.


  2. Minus 8 sounds brutal. Walking is great exercise and if it’s not too windy in winter, I let nothing stop me. If it gets too much, you can try indoor walking. Tons of videos are on YouTube. Pilates, too if you feel bold.

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  3. We had a cockapoo who never saw snow in her life.(California born)She followed us outside and was horrified by that white sticky stuff!😄 mom ended up getting her a sweater &little boots.(she didn’t like them either)
    Try “Centering Prayer”app on Google play

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  4. Our house is so small, I get dizzy walking in it. I started lifting weights a few weeks ago but had to take a break for a bit. I was lifting dumb bells while sitting on an exercise ball. 🙄. Hurt my back when I lost my balance and fell off the ball. Dropped a dumb bell on my thumb. 😢

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  5. Ouch! Sorry to hear of that mishap. With weights it’s best to start small, work slowly, and do one thing at a time. Rubber straps might be a great alternative to dumbbells. You tie the ends and that’s it. You can add the colours to increase resistance. Good luck. Please take care.

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  6. They were only 3 pound weights. I have issues with the muscles in my arms and back. And a complete lack of overall grace which was the heart of the ball incident. I have a set of those rubber straps – will have to give them another go.

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