It’s Go Time

The snow and ice has kept me housebound for a few months now and Dan has been laid off for a month. It is time for us to get active before we turn into Mr. & Mrs. Doughboy.

We have decided to start working out together. Having a workout partner will help to make it fun and hopefully keep us motivated. The plan is for us to take turns leading off on a few exercises for each session. This should afford us plenty of variety and split the struggle of coming up with workout routines.

The challenging part is that we are coming from two totally different places and working out for two totally different reasons. Dan has a long history of playing intense sports (hockey, baseball, racquetball) and working an extremely physical job in the steel industry. I on the other hand, have never even watched sports, much less participated! I have worked in administration and sales, most of the time being desk bound. While we both want to lose some weight, my health issues are respiratory, while Dan’s are circulatory. It is going to be fun, coming up with workout plans that work for both of us!

Day two, down and done!

Falling over tree pose – that’s a thing right?

Stay safe, keep active πŸ‹οΈ


12 thoughts on “It’s Go Time

  1. My hubby and I have completely different hobbies and as much as I want to work out with him, will probably just do our own thing. Good job doing this together!! ❀️

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  2. Now that I think about it, what’s nice about having a partner is it helps to make you accountable and I think motivated. I know I always feel better when I can get in some exercise. Maybe I will try and walk with my hubby. Fun to follow along in your journey! 🀠❀️

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  3. You go girl! 😊 I’ve been athletic most of my life, but turning 40 (I shouldn’t complain but wowsas!) has not been kind to me 🀣. That tree pose kicks my butt every time I try, so you got me beat by a long shot in yoga already! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘

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