August 17th – Naturally💞

It is much cooler here today and the smoke has finally cleared. Our plants are looking so much happier. I. am definitely feeling so much better. I am so grateful for the reprieve. 😉

Mini Bell Peppers
The petunias have aphid damage but the blossoms keep coming
Kat’s carrot patch

Our forecasted rain this week would really be appreciated. Now that things have cooled down a bit, it would be nice to see things get a refreshing shower. City water is just not the same.

I have grandson Dom with me again today. He is more mature and easier to entertain this year but he still needs to eat so I should work on getting his lunch ready. 🍝

Wishing all a day of natural contentment and beauty. Take care and see you tomorrow. 💞


8 thoughts on “August 17th – Naturally💞

  1. You have a very green thumb, Annmarie! I’ve never seen miniature bell peppers, cute! I hope you get the rain, city water just can’t cut the mustard. 👍🏻😂

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  2. Great news on your cooler weather. Your plants are so beautiful. They look very healthy, you are quite the gardener. Hoping you get rain for those beautiful plants. We are supposed to have rain after midnight tonight, we need some.

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  3. Here in Austin it has been raining a lot which is very unusual. Humid is not normal here. Your plants are wonderful. I used to spray my flowers with water with Dawn dish soap in it. It did a good job.

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