September 2nd – Rights, Responsibilities, and Consequences

In Canada, we have a number of rights established to protect the quality of our life as Canadians. 🇨🇦 Today, my ‘Piece of Mind’ focuses on a few of our rights and how we use and/or abuse them and the inevitable consequences we face for having a lack of respect and appreciation for them.

One of the more unique rights we have in Canada is our right to publicly funded healthcare. For those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a country that provides universal healthcare, we should appreciate it and do everything in our power to protect it. We fall far short by making unhealthy lifestyle choices (allowing ourselves to be an unnecessary burden to the system) and by failing to hold those in charge of our health system accountable for how they manage it. Our right to publicly funded healthcare depends on our doing our part to protect it, because there is a breaking point and we are close to it.

In Canada, we have equality rights. That is a good thing, but we need to appreciate them and protect them in order to preserve them. I believe in equal opportunity and equal pay for those in the workforce – but that has got to be based on equal ability and equal effort. If you cannot or will not, do what is necessary to get the job done – leave it for someone who can and will. You cannot, and should not, count on co-workers to pick up for your short comings. Companies cannot thrive and survive with an incompetent workforce. If the company does not survive – there is no need for a workforce. Everyone will be equally unemployed.

In Canada, we have the right to free speech. That is not the right to violence, threats, or physical intimidation. That is not the right to spread lies, innuendos, or harmful exaggeration. That is not the right to deny others of their right to free speech. That is not the right to spew hate towards anyone or any group of people. No one wants to be silenced or censored, but if people keep pushing the boundaries of human decency, that will happen.

As Canadians, we have the right to movement – to live and work in or out of Canada, as we choose. If we are warned to avoid a country or area of the globe, and yet we choose to ignore such warnings, there may well be serious consequences. Obviously, if anyone is sent to a dangerous area for official reasons, it is our responsibility as Canadians, to do everything in our power to bring them home safely if need be. Those who deliberately ignore risks and warnings and move to a dangerous area of the globe out of curiosity, or for an edgy holiday adventure, or to chase a lucrative business opportunity, may discover that our right of movement does not guarantee a right to be rescued from their own bad decisions.

In conclusion to my ‘Piece of Mind’ for the day…. Canadians (and all who live in ‘free’ countries) have a number of valuable rights that others cannot even imagine. We need to do our part to protect them, maintain them – and to keep them. 😉

Trust everyone is having a great day! Take care & see you tomorrow. 💞

PS…. Yay! My CT scan is booked for mid-September and the papers for my blood work should be at our local lab today. Two steps closer to hernia surgery. 😁


14 thoughts on “September 2nd – Rights, Responsibilities, and Consequences

  1. Our doctors are amazing at making do. My biggest thing from working in the construction industry was dealing with the money wasted on facilities. It took our province the better part of 20 years to plan and build a Children’s Hospital. They wasted a fortune and 18 of those twenty years.

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  2. If I were younger I would move to Canada. The more I learn of Canada and the beauty I see there in shared photos I know I would love living there. Our healthcare system does not work well at all.

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  3. We have our issues for sure – with our healthcare and in many other areas, but I still think Canada is a good, safe country to live in. I am definitely glad that we do not have your weapons and violence issues. But I sure love a lot of your natural beauty! And I have met a lot of good people from the States through social media. The states may seem a lot more dangerous than it actually is because that is what we hear about of course.

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  4. The real danger has been certain areas in the past but it is more widespread now. Shootings on the local news every day. With all the guns here and people that carry them on them at all times I can only see it becoming worse. It is just so sad that so many in our country have become violent.

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  5. I agree. We used to go down to the the States often to see my sister in Wyoming and then Nebraska and we loved it – so much to see and such good people! There is so much more of your country that I would love to visit but I don’t know where I would really feel safe now.

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  6. The only place I really feel safe with the way things are right now is in my home and on my street. Shootings happen often within a few miles radius of where I live, some as near as 2 miles. I have lived here 50 years and it was not this way until the last few years. There are just too many guns and too many people think they have the right to shoot them when and where they choose to.

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