October 7th – Dimming

According to a news article on The Weather Channel, it is official.  We are not as bright as we used to be. 

According to this article,  as our oceans warm our level of cloud coverage is reduced.   As cloud coverage decreases, we do not reflect as much light to the skies as we used to.  This in turn means more sunlight reaches earth’s surface and is contributing to global warming. 

My View – I am no expert on the subject of global warming.   In Saskatchewan,  there is much denial on the subject  – especially as far as how much global warming can be attributed to humanity.    I personally believe that  global warming is  a problem and that this problem is growing exponentially.   I believe that anything that contributes to global warming creates other  issues that contribute  to global warming.   Issues that are out of our control. 

It has long been understood that humanity causes, or contributes, to global warming by carbon emissions via the burning of fossil fuels.   It may not be the only factor.  It may not even be the most significant factor.  But, it is one factor that we can address.

We are not at a place where we can end our reliance on fossil fuels. We are at a place where we can be aware of what we are doing and how we can do it better – from the recovery of fossil fuels, the processing of fossil fuels, the delivery of fossil fuels, right to the end use of fossil fuels.  That is at least an acknowledgement that there is a problem and that we can all contribute to the solution of the problem.

That is my News & Views for today.   As always, feel free to comment below.

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10 thoughts on “October 7th – Dimming

  1. It’s just not real, Annmarie. I see this whole GW thing as nothing more than many governments using politics to control the behaviors of the masses of their country. Generations of children have been brainwashed to believe this nonsense.

    The hypocrisy of this extends to those electric cars who need a small petrol-powered generator in the trunk for when the car batteries go dead. I’ve seen it happen. Where does that electricity come from to charge these cars? Coal, oil, natural gas, or Nuke?

    I’ll never purchase an electric car…

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  2. I don’t see electric cars ever making it big here either – they just are not practical for the distances we travel.
    I know a lot of people feel as you do, and there are a lot of people who feel the exact opposite when it comes to global warming.
    I believe there is a middle ground that can bring people together on any issue. If there is one thing I do believe about government is that many, ours in particular, uses issues like this to deliberately drive people apart so they can be the heroic leader of their particular cause.

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  3. This is one of “those” controversial issues that will never end. I have watched several very good documentaries on the subject from both sides. There are many things that contribute to carbon, including cattle. It just seems stupid to cut down rainforests to gaze more cattle… Anyway, there are groups studying ice core’s (whatever you call them) and others doing the same thing with the ocean floor. Apparently, they can tell a lot with the core’s rings like the rings of trees. These groups have concluded these climate changes have occurred multiple times in history, even before the industrial revolution. They say the increased heat causes the carbon to increase, not the other way around. The alignment of the planets has a lot to do with our climate and what goes on with planet earth (as well as the other planets). I agree, we need to pay attention to climate change and reduce pollution. Not just for our planet, but for the environment, and everything that lives here. Cutting down forests for cattle and to grow more coconut palms is NUTS! OH, I need to do a post about that. I needed to vent about that quite sometime ago but I never did. 🙂 I won’t do it here, though. This is your post. 🙂 I am not anti-government, but some of these politicians don’t have a lick of sense. I think they are like that on purpose so we will watch the news which I refuse to do… OK, so maybe I watch some of it on YouTube on occasion but I choose what I watch.

    I seriously enjoy your posts, but sometimes you trigger something I would like to write about myself. That wouldn’t do, because I write about plants and wildflowers. 🙂 As always, thanks for sharing and take care!

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  4. Thank you!
    I am leary about posting on the major controversial issues but even if we don’t ever resolve them, I think we have to keep a respectful discussion open to keep peace if nothing else.
    I agree 100% about reducing pollution. I am not a clean freak, but I don’t understand how people can have zero respect for the environment.
    Have a great weekend and thanks again! I am glad you enjoy my posts.

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  5. Well, I believe in science, not the madness of crowds and social media. All one has to do is look at the satellite images of the polar caps to know there is some severe melting going on, ocean levels are rising, and some Pacific islands are in danger of being inhabitable. Severe weather, tropical storms and hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, all extreme weather are on the increase.
    I also believe my own eyes and ears. In the last 25 years, our climate zone here in Vermont has dramatically shifted and here in my little spot of the world, I now grow plants that would not have survived a few decades ago. Our winters are not as cold, and insects, such as ticks, which used to have a die off in the cold of winter which control their population, are out of control.
    WE MIGHT NOT AGREE ON WHAT IS CAUSING the global warming and extreme weather, but we can all see with our own eyes that it is happening.

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  6. I agree, Dorothy! That is what I was trying to say. There are obvious signs that global warming is real. The problem is trying to find the causes and address the ones we can, which will help mitigate the ones we can’t.

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