December – A Time To Celebrate🌲

December has arrived! For my blog challenge this month, I have decided to highlight at least one thing that I find worthy of celebration each and every day. I will be honest here – December has never been my favourite month of the year. It has never been in my top eleven months of the year. But, attitude is everything, so I am going to do this. Who knows, this may be the year that December moves up a notch in the monthly ratings. 🌟

So today… I am celebrating my new haircut! That’s right, this morning I paid a visit to one of the best hairdressers that I have ever had – Morsal. She is quick, friendly, and has an abundance of skill and talent even with those of us who are blessed with freakishly fine cat hair. We had a lovely visit as always. (Did I mention that Morsal is also hilariously entertaining?).

I haven’t appreciated a hairdresser this much since Terry L. retired. Terry was a light that lit up every room. She always teased that I was her most religious client – I always (only) showed up at Christmas and Easter. 🙄 But, if you met Terry, you were her friend for life, regardless. It didn’t matter if you were at her shop, out and about town, or in her hometown (where my parents lived), if you met Terry it was a special moment in your day. Sadly, Terry passed away from cancer shortly after she retired. I went to her funeral with my daughter and the church was filled with those she loved and those who loved her back.

Needless to say, Morsal has big shoes to fill but she does an admirable job of it. Starting off the month with a fresh haircut and a nice visit is definitely worth celebrating today!

That is it for today, folks. Take care and have a great day! 💞


27 thoughts on “December – A Time To Celebrate🌲

  1. I really like your haircut it looks nice. Great photo of the bluejay. I wish I could use containers for peanuts like that basket. If I used them around the squirrels would have basket and all carried off before I got back in the house.

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  2. I put out peanuts for the squirrels, but I have to use containers they and raccoons can’t carry off. I also put out shelled peanuts for birds. There are a lot of nut eating birds that come to my feeders. I am so glad you feed birds and squirrels Anne, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  3. Oh I see! I used to put peanuts in a clay flower pot but one of the visitors knocked it into our pond, smashed it into a hundred pieces and took out a pool ornament to boot. I got that basket and Dan bolted it in place – it won’t go anywhere. I enjoy feeding the birds and squirrels when the weather is nice but Dan enjoys them more than I do. Kat follows me everywhere in the yard so the critters tend to avoid me.

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  4. Oh, loved this post! Not only do I have freakishly fine cat hair (what a great description), I also see my hair cutter twice a year–Friday is my second time this year! Squirrels and raccoons, yep, destroyed more bird feeders than I can count.

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