Molly Has a Name 🤗

After giving it a decent amount of thought, we decided ‘Molly’ was a fitting name for our new Pyrenees.

Things have been going fairly well. She generally comes when called, seems to know she is Molly, and definitely understands ‘No’.

She is good with her color but hasn’t quite figured out the leash.
But she is working on it!

She didn’t have a great night as she was obviously missing her family. She did stop whining long enough to drag Dan’s belt across the house at one o’clock in the morning – thump, thump, thump. And she finally dozed off for a couple of hours at four! 🙄

She likes being brushed – sitting not so much and she is particularly offended at the concept of ‘stay’. She did do much better during my workout and potty training is progressing fairly well.

All in all, not a bad first full day and we see a lot of potential. 🤗

Molly Taking a Stroll

That is it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day!


31 thoughts on “Molly Has a Name 🤗

  1. Yes – I usually go by Anne in person. I started my blog when I was still working. I was used to using AnneMarie there because I dealt with so many legal documents – tenders, contracts, and the like. Thank you for the link. I have been reading any reliable information I can find online. Also glad I have a vet appointment lined up for Monday as I have lots of nutritional type questions.

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  2. I am sure she will make regular appearances. I was just instant messaging my sisterinlaw and Molly jumped up, slapped my phone with her paw and sent Joan a big purple heart. Then I was telling Dan we better not put our tray of nachos on the coffee table at suppertime as Molly can reach anything she wants on it. Dan said ‘do you really think I would let that happen?’ – just as Molly cruised past him carrying one of his shoes. 😂. She’s a riot.


  3. Thanks, Anne! Your welcome for the link, I think our AKC is best qualified to talk about the many breeds. I’m glad Molly is going to her vet, your a great dog mom! ❤️

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  4. We try! But we draw the line at major surgery, etc. that won’t result in a full cure. Neither of us believe in tormenting an animal just to extend their life – especially if it will be detrimental to the quality of their life.


  5. Molly fluff ball is so cute! Love reading about her antics, the good and the funny! She looks so smart as she’s learning all the things with you. How fun to be home with her 24/7, you both are lucky! 💞

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  6. Molly is absolutely gorgeous! It won’t be long until she sleeps through the night. We only ever had the one dog – a husky/german shepherd mix. He was a gentle giant and we loved him so much. I write about cats because we have a cat, but we also love dogs – any animal, truth to tell. 🙂 wishing you lots of fun and joy with your new fur baby. Congratulations!

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  7. Thank you, Carol. She slept last night! She got up at 3:30 to go out but came back to sleep until almost 6. I like the independent nature of cats but I am brutally allergic to them so we cannot have another one – especially now that I am home all of the time. My sister Lorraine has German Shepherds. They are giants but I don’t know about gentle. She has a pup that is about a year old. He is huge and always in trouble. Their older one is fairly mild mannered now.

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  8. We had a German Shepherd/Husky cross and he was sooo gentle. We had him for eleven years. He was our one and only dog. People tend not to want to rent to you if you have a dog(s). So, we have our itty-bitty kitty. It’s all good. I love all animals.

    I hope Molly is settling in and that she brings you much joy.

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