12 Weeks πŸ’ƒ

Yesterday, I completed twelve weeks of my daily fitness workout. YAY! Of course, I started a new six week run because I have no intention of slacking off. It is the first fitness plan that I have ever found that works for ME. It gets me pumped and keeps me motivated all day instead of exhausting me and sending me to the snack cupboard for an unhealthy source of energy (or the sofa for a nap).

This morning I went to see my respiratory specialist. I drove myself – downtown – at rush hour, and parked backwards into a slanted parking spot. Yay me! The good news is there is no new issues with my lungs. The bad (questionable) news is that my blood pressure now seems to range on the (bit) high side. No doctor seems concerned enough to suggest medication but since they keep bringing it up, I have started looking for ways to bring it down naturally. πŸ™„

In Molly news, we are having a challenging week. I planted flowers around the base of the bird bath yesterday. I surrounded my little seedling with a wooden fence to give them a fighting chance. The plants are still hanging in but Molly ate the fence. She is also in hyper play mode. Between her teeth and her nails, I look like I have been crawling through barbed wire and rocks.

Molly with a new rawhide chew treat I got her today.
It seems to have slowed her down. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Take care and have a great what’s left of your day! πŸ’žπŸ’›πŸ’ƒ


23 thoughts on “12 Weeks πŸ’ƒ

  1. Yay for you! I admire your determination to complete the challenge, Anne! And, backing a car into a small space between the lines takes skill, you’ve got it. I back my truck into the garage once in a while.

    I wonder if there is something that you can spray around the flower beds that will keep Molly away? A short chain would work but that’s not good for the dog. Maybe keep an eye on her all the time she is outside so that you can shout the command to stay away.

    As you know, I have a daily battle with my blood pressure, I suggest that you pick up a home unit for monitoring your BP as I do, it’s a very important piece of equipment to have in the house.

    The drug stores have them down here, not sure about your local stores. Be careful, high BP isn’t called the silent killer for anything, my friend! ❀️

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  2. Thank you, John! We have a blood pressure monitor for keeping an eye on Dan’s BP. Mine isn’t that high – 150/90 but would like to get it, and keep it down naturally if possible. A chain on Molly would just make her aggressive. Sheep dogs are natural wanderers. She’s a pup. Stuff will happen – can only work on damage control. 😊

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  3. 150/90 is too high for my liking, and the bottom number should be around 80. I take Hydralazine, Diltiazem and Carvedalol and one more at certain times. Too much medication but it’s better than being six foot under…

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  4. The ones Dan takes bring down his blood pressure but also decreases his adrenaline so hard for him to stay active enough to keep his weight and blood pressure down. Self defeating in my eyes.

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  5. That’s marvelous that your fitness plan is working so well for you. I laughed that Molly ate the fence. I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you at the time, but you wrote about it in an amusing way.

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  6. Good for you Anne! Sometimes just being in a doctor’s office will raise your blood pressure a few points. (Think it’s called something, maybe white coat pressure from being a tad nervous while in the office) I would start monitoring and jotting down the numbers/times/dates and see if you get better numbers at home, then take that list in with you next appointment. Remember, if Molly’s eaten your favorite chair, don’t record your stats at that time…

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  7. Thank you, Neese. The blood pressure has been an ongoing issue since early 2020 when I first developed health issues. I have monitored it at home from time to time and it is all over the map. (I used to have solid low blood pressure.). I have definitely had a few white coat issues, and a few Molly issues, but there obviously is real reason for me to work on my diet, salt intake, activity levels, sleep and and stress or I will end up on some medication that I would rather avoid. πŸ™„.

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  8. I am sure your exercising has helped your lungs. I think high blood pressure is pretty much inevitable. I started at 50 and the doc at that time said I was “right on schedule” for women. So, think yourself lucky.

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