Sixty Seven πŸŽ‚

Today I turn sixty seven and I have to admit, I have never been so excited about growing older. πŸ€—

Every year of my life has brought joy and sadness, love and loss, challenge and triumph. This year has been no exception, other than that the past five months have been exceptional when it comes to personal growth, wisdom, and understanding.

It all started so innocently and easily. I felt miserable and looked worse. Physically, mentally, emotionally – I had drifted to a really blah place. One day, enough was enough. I got off my butt, cranked up some tunes from the sixties and danced. I started to eat better and I found ways to improve my diet and fitness level.

  • In the past five months I have:
  • Gone from basic dancing to Zumba (aerobics to music) using free videos on You Tube
  • Mostly given up junk food snacks
  • Spent more time planning and preparing healthy meals
  • Started drinking six ounces of beet juice, and eating a couple of tablespoons of sauerkraut a day. I also eat about a quarter of cup of sunflower seeds a day – which I buy raw and airfry with olive oil, lemon juice and hot sauce.
  • Started to take cold showers in lieu of hot baths
  • Started walking my Pyrenees pup every day
  • Meditated daily for the first three months – not so much lately – but I have been spending a lot of time out and about, enjoying fresh air and the sights and sounds of nature.

Everything I have been doing takes minimal time out of my day, the cost is negligible, and the results have been amazing. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I have never felt better or stronger. Surprisingly, shockingly actually is that the one change that I have made, that I enjoy the most, is the cold showers. I go from cool water to straight ice cold. The initial discomfort is NOTHING compared to how much better I feel after a cold shower. My dry, itchy skin is gone! Even on a cool day, I am warmer getting out of a cold shower than a hot bath (because the air is warmer than my skin), and I just feel good. One can never imagine a cold shower as being a good thing but it is a game changer. ☺️

Now for the before and after….

July 2020 – Celebrating my birthday with Dan, Amanda & Family
July 2021 – Celebrating Dan & Amanda’s Wedding Reception 
July 2022 – Feeling better than ever and looking forward to turning 68 just so I can use this photo as another ‘before’ picture.

That’s it for another day – and another year. I have no idea what this next year has in store for me. It will probably be a mixed bag of challenges and blessings – BUT I am ready for both and everything in between. I am so glad that I took that first step five months ago. It is never too soon and never too late. πŸ‘

Take care and have a great day!πŸ’ž

Sometimes it is hard to tell a challenge from a blessing. πŸ˜‚

46 thoughts on “Sixty Seven πŸŽ‚

  1. Happy Birthday Anne Marie. What a positive post! I’m so glad this lifestyle change has been such a game changer for you. (Sorry you lost me on the cold showers-yikes). Keep that attitude woman…

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  2. Thank you, Neese! I said the same thing. πŸ˜‚. Yikes what kind of fool would even attempt cold showers? 😳 I wonder how many great things we avoid in life because they just sound painful. 😐

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  3. Awesome–I am so happy for you and happiest of birthdays to you! You look marvelous and the flowers surrounding you are perfect for your dress. I especially love the one of you brushing Molly–you both look delighted.

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  4. I’m sure there are many barriers we’re not willing to cross because of unknown/vague discomfort. For me cold showers sound unbearable…

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  5. And to be honest, some barriers are best left uncrossed. I have eaten plenty of raw mushrooms over the years and nope they still taste like navel lint. 😧


  6. Happy Birthday, and congratulations on making such sound and healthy decisions. Your photos emphasize the impact has been very positive. A real reason to celebrate. ❀️

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  7. Wow – you look GREAT!!! Happy happy happy birthday! I’m so behind you and motivated by all your wellness improvements. Love itπŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈβ€οΈ

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  8. Thank you, Linda! I don’t know if I would ever get to the point where I could jump right into an ice cold shower (or lake) but it definitely gets easier. At first I couldn’t turn the hot water off completely, but a few showers in, it is no big deal to do it and stay in a totally cold shower for a few minutes (2-3). It sounds way worse than it is. 🀷

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