Eleven Months🎉

Molly and I are both celebrating milestones!    I began my current health and fitness journey on  February 14th, 2022.  This past Friday marked eleven months since I got up, got active, and made a commitment to get healthier, stronger, and fitter.   Coincidentally, our Molly was born on February 16th, 2022 which makes her eleven months old today.  🎂

This has been a productive eleven months for both of us.  Molly came to live with us in April, when she was two months old.   Her first ‘outing’ was a visit to the vet with me and her immediate favourite human, Genie.

Molly’s First Outing

Over the past nine months, Molly has chosen a few more favourite humans – and she has grown! 

Molly and her favourite Dan.
Molly at the dog park with Alec
Molly watching tv with Cason, Lucas, Bacardi & Cornelius – favourite humans and favourite doggos.

Through my health and fitness efforts, I have also grown – in many ways. Fortunately, size wise wasn’t one of them.

Fitness wise, I have definitely grown.  I started out struggling to dance to 60’s tunes for a few minutes each day.  Through determination and perseverance, I was able to follow some beginner dancercise classes on You Tube.

The first classes were a challenge for me and  I had to take more than a few breaks to make it through an entire session.   But quitting was not an option, so I pressed on and graduated to You Tube Zumba classes.

This was the class I did this morning – spot on and NO breaks.

I am also spending a half, to an hour and a half, outside every day – walking Molly, playing fetch, or shoveling snow. And.. I am exercising with light weights (dumbbells) six evenings a week.

Eleven months in, Molly and I are both doing well, working on making the most of the final month of our first year, and happy with our progress.

Molly & Me 💞

That is it for Molly and I today. Take care and have a great day!


38 thoughts on “Eleven Months🎉

  1. Molly has doubled in size, wow! Such a big and beautiful dog, Anne Marie. I really admire your drive and determination to continue your exercise programs! You rock! 👍🏻☺️🇨🇦

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  2. Congratulations to you and Molly both! Happy birthday, Molly. Anne, you look fabulous! I know you said you don’t like your hair that long, but I love it–you look gorgeous and the color of the sweater and your hair look very nice with Molly in the portrait. Rock on, sister!

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  3. Good job, Annemarie! Tomorrow will be 13 days since I tested positive for Covid. I experienced very mild symptoms and, even though my latest test was still Pos., I’m cleared to resume workouts at the hospital fitness gym. Hope my endurance is as good as yours.

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  4. I am glad you weren’t too sick. Just start SLOW and build up gradually. I had Covid early in 2020 and was sick for several weeks. By then, I could barely walk out to our back landing and down two steps before my heart was pounding and I was wiped. I kept going a few more steps every day and was walking five to eight miles a day by the end of that summer. 😊 Then, I started working out hard at home (push ups, sit ups, weights, etc) during the winter and gave myself a hernia that grounded me for a year. After I had my hernia surgery, I started this fitness journey that I am on now. Fortunately, it has been going really well for me and it has all been worth it. 🤗

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  5. Congrats on 11 months for you two. What a beautiful photo of you and Molly!! ❤️ You are so inspiring, and I Love that you are sharing your journey. It’s funny, you have a very large dog and I have a very large horse as Murphy is a very big guy. I struggle sometimes with him and his youthful ways but otherwise he’s a good boy. Enjoy your week!! 💞

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  6. Thank you, Diana. I often think of you and Murphy – especially when Molly is running free at the dog park. I just saw your last post a couple of days ago. I couldn’t comment for some reason (it may have just been me) but your grandkids are growing up so fast. Your granddaughter is beautiful and she looks so mature and poised. I loved her Christmas dress.

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  7. Both you and Molly have done well in the last 11 months, Anne. These photos are wonderful. I love the one with you and Molly, it shows how much she has grown and what a big girl she is. Your long hair is pretty. Your grandchildren are adorable.

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  8. It always fun to watch little ones play with dogs. It must have been so cute to see Molly and Carson together…quite a difference in size.


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