December 30th – “Not A Creature Was Stirring…”

Since I was determined to make this Christmas a reasonably good one, I thought it would be nice to have a tree.  Not only did Dan agree, but he thought it would be ever so nice to have a REAL tree.   It was ever so nice. 😁

Our real nice tree of 2021 🤗

We got our tree, Dan found the stand, and set it up.  Together we strung the lights and I added tinsel and ornaments before Dan moved it to the corner table of the livingroom.

A couple of days later, I happened to spy a little critter slowly jog past Kat.   Kat seemed more confused than shocked or upset.  I was rather baffled myself .  It seemed the size of a mouse but did not seem particularly mouse like – and it was black. 

For a day or so there was no further critter activity – no mouse, no poo, no sign of mouse activity in our cupboards.   We all agreed to believe that Kat and I had imagined the entire mouse episode.  Thank God, because I am terrified of mice.  (A story for another day). 

Dan went back to work for a couple of night shifts. On night one, I started working on my jigsaw puzzle, and our elusive guest jogged past me.   I decided to move into the livingroom.  I sent a string of texts to Dan – “we definitely have a mouse in the house…   it is in the kitchen… it came into the livingroom… omg it is in the Christmas tree!”   Meanwhile Kat dozed on the couch and amazingly I remained rather calm and coherent.   Dan was definitely concerned but moreso about my sanity than the actual possibility of my cartoonish mouse.

The second night was much the same – with the guest appearance of a fuzzy grey walnut that peaked out from under the fridge and ducked back just as quickly.

FYI.. as I sit in the livingroom writing this, guest #1 just jogged past my chair. 😳

Last night, Dan was home and he finally saw Guest #1 and… Guest #3 with his own eyes. Guest #3 is a miniature version of Guest #1. Dan agreed that these were no normal mice. I searched the internet and I am somewhat convinced that we are entertaining a family of small shrews who travelled into our house via our REAL NICE Christmas tree.

FUN FACT – Shrews are not rodents but a type of the Eulipotyphla mammal. Apparently rodents are also a form of mammal too – but not a form I choose to relate to. 🥴

Bottom line – Dan is out looking to purchase some mushrooms, bread, and critter catchers – since these little beggars do not seem interested in our regular mouse traps. For the time being, I am at home and “The creatures are definitely stirring!”

Kat is not so inclined to stir. 🙄

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


December 27th – It’s Over

For better or worse, the Christmas of 2021 has come and gone. It was definitely nice that Dan had the day off this year. In fact we had a few days together. It was very special to have some quiet time to relax in front of the fireplace (which is conveniently placed under the television) and enjoy each other’s company.

Santa Dan was good to me as always. He was out and about for two days finding me the perfect winter boots – with is no simple task and a new elephant to join our herd.

Short enough to be easy to put on but tall enough to cover my ankles, solid enough to be safe on icy walks but light enough to drive in, warm & cozy but stylish to boot!
Latest member of the herd💞

Granddaughter Genie and Alex came by on Christmas morning to drop off a Christmas bouquet and pick up their gifts from us. They stayed for a lovely visit.

Flowers from Genie & Alex

We had a good phone chat with son Dan and photos from Amanda of the kids opening their gifts. Gabby and Lucas were obviously happy with theirs. It was a bit harder to tell with Cason from his ‘butt shot’. 😂 I had a call from son Mark later in the day and my siblings and I exchanged seasonal greetings by email. Dan and I had a nice long video chat with his sister Joan.

Dan and I enjoyed a nice ham supper for Christmas Eve and a beautiful turkey supper for Christmas Day. We have officially perfected the art of making turkey stuffing. It was our best ever! In between ham and turkey and Boxing Day quesadillas, we snacked on an abundance of treats including the gourmet chocolates I picked up a few days ago. 🤢 I saved Dan from the Rose Petal one.

Annual jigsaw puzzle

That it for today. I hope you all had a nice Christmas with the perfect mix of food and family and peace and goodwill.

Take care and have a great rest of the holidays. 🎄

December 24th – Angels Among Us

Today, Dan and I are celebrating the ‘Angels Among Us’ – or specifically one angel that came into our lives eighteen years ago today.

While all of our grandchildren are perfectly amazing, Genevieve (Genie) was the first and she changed our lives. From day one, she radiated the sweetest innocence. She became the toddler who loved every ladybug, climbed and crawled and danced her way into every heart.

So tiny and innocent
Precious and precocious

By the time Genie started school, she was the poised and and precious older sister – a Grandpa’s girl who possessed the kindness and wisdom of one beyond her years.

Serious and scholastic
With Maddy, little sister and sidekick

Through the years we have watched our Genie grow, bigger and stronger, but always true to who she is – kind, caring, bright and brave, loving and determined to make this world a better place. And she always will – because she truly is one of those angels who touch the hearts of all she meets and fills the hearts of those of us who are blessed to know and love her.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie – We love you and we are so proud of you. All the best wishes for you, forever and always. 💞

December 23rd – Christmas Elves

Today I am celebrating a visit from a couple of Christmas Elves (or angels).

Last night we received another dump of the white stuff , along with strong winds. Dan is working today and of course shoveling a ton of snow is not on my recommended post-op activities. Dan left for work this morning, anticipating shovelling when he got home, as our snowblower is presently not inclined to blow snow. For those who have never owned a snowblower, they are seldom inclined to blow snow. 🙄

Here we are snowed in. 😏

So, obviously I felt bad for Dan – until this lovely couple about our age showed up, shovels in hand. They offered to clean all of our walks and the city sidewalk for twenty dollars. I offered a bonus if they cleared a little path for Kat on the garden side patio.

Clean & clear! ❄️

They did an amazing job. They practically cleaned off the patio – I told them it was plenty good. I gave them each twenty dollars and was happy to do it. I have no idea where they put the snow. I went out to check after they left, just out of curiosity, and found that they had even shoveled off the cement in the back yard! Our entire back yard is practically cement. I can hear our neighbour out shovelling now. I sure hope our snow didn’t go over the fence, even if they aren’t our favourite neighbours. Naughty elves? 😏

Anyway, that is it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞

December 22nd – 3 More Sleeps

Every day is still a day to celebrate the season!  I have gotten a few things accomplished lately and could realistically be ready for Christmas any time now.

We packaged up a few things for son Dan and family.  Dan sent it out for three day delivery on Monday and Amanda let me know they got it yesterday. (Way to go Canada Post!)

I wrapped presents – without a single glass of wine 🍷.  Not that I need wine to do anything,  but it helps if that anything involves rolls of paper, sharp instruments, and sticky tape.

I received the last of the Christmas gifts that I had ordered for Dan and the birthday gift that I had ordered for granddaughter Genie.  Dan drove me to ‘Chocolate Regina’ to pick up a small box of gourmet chocolates and we stopped by a the recently renovated restaurant at Casino Regina for lunch. The food and the restaurant were both very nice but the rest of the renovations left a lot to be desired in my mind. I am not a fan of clutter and chaos and that seems to be what they were going for.

Bernard Callebaut chocolates are amazing! Definitely not a treat we buy every day but they are Christmas worthy.

I have done a bit more cleaning up and decorating around the house. I love this little candle and these placemats that I picked up from The Dollar Store.

I also ran to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things while Dan was at work yesterday. Their Christmas displays are running a bit low but they brightened the place up by adding shelves of Valentine’s chocolates and Easter bunnies. That is not too wierd. Who buys Easter bunnies in December? 🐰

Today I am going to try to get a bit of baking done and wrap the rest of the gifts.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞

December 17th – Rest in Peace

December 17th has been a day that I have, not so much celebrated, as honored for the past twenty-eight years. Today is the anniversary of the day that my father passed away.

Dad and my son Dan

I was very close to my Father. My Mother taught me the practical side of life – the cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading and writing, responsibility, side of life. My Father taught me the other side of life – including respecting and appreciating my Mother and all that she did for us. Through my Father I learned the value of kindness, patience, serenity, integrity, humour, humility, and wisdom. My Father was a good man, who lived a good life. I was fortunate to be a part of it. My life has been better, because I was a part of his.

Rest in Peace, Dad💞

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 🌟

December 16th – ‘Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer’

The title of my blog today might be a bit of an exaggeration but this Grandma is feeling rough this week and definitely not much in a mood to ‘celebrate’.

I had my hernia procedure on Tuesday morning. It was, as hospital experiences go, a great experience. Before I had time to stress about it, I was done and gone. Yay!

Then things started to slide. I left the hospital with a small patch over a tiny incision – a small patch to which I am obviously very allergic to. I also, left with prescriptions for three medications – none of which agree with me. I tossed the painkillers and anti-inflammatory. The third medication I will try to deal with for the time being. I can handle nausea and sleepiness. If I lose my breath, blood pressure or pulse, I may have to rethink this one as well.

That is it for today, folks. I am ready for a serious nap. Take care and have a great day!

December 13th – Feliz Navidad ðŸŽ¶

One of my favourite ways to celebrate the holidays was to enjoy the music of the season – until it was not. For years the thought of Christmas carols and hymns upset me. On December 1st, the radio stations and department stores would start to ring in the season with the likes of ‘Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer’ and ‘Silent Night’ – and I would feel physically ill and emotionally scarred.

This year, I decided that I was going to celebrate this Christmas Season – no holds barred! I have been cleaning and shopping and decorating. I have watched Christmas specials, baked Christmas treats AND I have been playing hours of Christmas music. It was a bit difficult going in, but things have turned around. If I am having a good day, the music makes it better. If I am having a bad day, the music lifts my spirits as it did long ago. It’s a Christmas Miracle. 🌟

Today, I decided to share some favourite Christmas tunes. My apologies to those who cannot access North America You Tube offerings. Hopefully, you will recognize the tunes and share in some pleasant memories.

Feliz Navidad
Little Drummer Boy
The Newborn King – Bonanza Christmas Special
Old Toy Trains
Away In a Manger
Do They Know It’s Christmas

I hope that jogged some memories or at least reminded you of your own favourite Christmas Carols from over the years.

That is it for today, folks. Take care and have a great day. 💞

December 12th – Tradition

Maintaining traditions is always a good way to celebrate the Christmas season. Definitely one of my favourite traditions at this time of year is receiving a bouquet of pink roses and red carnations from my husband Dan.

This annual tradition dates back to before Dan and I were dating. Dan and I were both working at the same millwork company. A strange situation indeed, since Dan has spent virtually his entire career in industrial steel work and I am deathly allergic to trees and any of their bi-products. Anyway… We both came to be working at the same company. I in the front office, and Dan in the production department. As was the case everywhere I worked, I did my best to support the production department – without which there would obviously be no company. I made their coffee, kept their lunch area and washroom cleaned, got to know each and every one of them, ensured that payroll was prompt and proper every two weeks, ordered supplies and just did whatever I could to keep them and their department running as smoothly as possible. It was what I did – on top of my administrative duties, customer service, and keeping the showroom clean and presentable.

At Christmas, we had an annual cleanup of the entire shop, set up a bar and a table of goodies, and invited customers and suppliers to drop by for a visit with management and staff. After, we were set-up and good to go, we dispersed to our homes, clean ourselves up, and returned dressed and ready to indulge and party. That was the typical. In 1996, a few months after Dan had joined the production department, I returned to accept delivery of a huge and gorgeous bouquet of pink roses. Dan had taken up a collection amongst the guys in the production department and had arranged for the bouquet, including a card that read “For all you do, these buds are for you.” (A play on a Canadian beer slogan for those from elsewhere). It was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. 💞

By the next Christmas, I was no longer at the millwork shop, Dan and I were family, and he had learned that pink roses were my absolute favourite (red roses my least) and that I kept a red carnation on my kitchen windowsill for my father, who had passed away days before Christmas a few years previously to this. On Christmas Eve, Dan arrived home with a bouquet of pink roses accented by one red carnation.

Dan has continued this tradition almost every year since – generally on December 17th (the anniversary of my father’s death) or on Christmas Eve. The beer slogans petered out but the sentiment is as heartfelt, the bouquet is as beautiful, and the gesture is every bit as much appreciated.

Pink roses and red carnations 2021 💞

This year the bouquet came a bit earlier than usual – partly traditional bouquet, partly a get well bouquet. I was more than happy to receive it and I will enjoy it as I recover from surgery and finish preparing for Christmas.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!💞

December 8th – Self Care

The Christmas Season is a time for kindness, caring, and thinking of others.   It is also a good time to celebrate by showing ourselves a few hours of caring kindness when, or if, possible. Last night, it was possible for me. ðŸ’ (It is always possible for me nowadays.  That was not always the case in years gone by. 😏)

I started out by switching over to my new purse.   Changing purses is a major undertaking – one I avoid for years on end.  I love my new purse.  It is huge, soft, and has multiple pockets. I may never find my keys again. 🙄
Winter in Saskatchewan is cold and DRY – regardless of how much snow we have.  My hands get brutally cracked and dry.  This is the second hand waxer Dan has bought for me.  I LOVE the heat and moisture for my hands. (& of course I love Dan for being so thoughtful 💞)
I cannot wax my hands without giving my nails a little TLC. 😁
One can hardly conclude an evening of self care without indulging in a tasty snack, a glass of Jackson-Triggs Merlot, and an hour of Home and Garden. 🏘️

Today, I was ready to jump back into the holiday spirit and holiday preparations when I got ‘the call‘. Next Tuesday I am off to the hospital for my hernia repair. The unexpected and ultimate in self-care for the holiday season! Fortunately, I have more ‘want’ to do than ‘have’ to do on my holiday list. And – I am totally grateful that Dr. Pooler and staff are getting me in so quickly when Covid has taken such a toll on our health facilities and staff. It will be great to recover and be hernia free. 😁

That is it for today folks. Take care and have a kind and caring day!💞