Year Two – Week Ten

It is one year and ten weeks since I decided to get healthier and more active. I am still committed as ever despite the setbacks I have encountered. It’s definitely the lifestyle I embrace these days.

Since I was deemed healed from my broken arm, I have been working my way back up in my workout intensity. I am doing full-on two armed Zumba. (Which is way easier, graceful, and less confusing than trying to do Zumba with one arm).

I have been out walking with Molly as much as possible – which is when Dan or daughter Jen are available to hold her leash. I would love to walk her more but I can’t trust her if I am holding her leash. She was doing well last fall, until I was down with the flu followed by the broken arm. Now, not so much.

A few days ago, Dan and I were taking Molly somewhere in the Jeep. Dan went out to get ready, while I leashed her up and walked her out. She was fine. We got to the sidewalk and Dan opened the back hatch of the Jeep. We were ten feet away from it. Molly got so excited she jumped right in. The leash I was holding her by was six feet long. 🤦

She looks so innocent!
At least our streets and sidewalks are finally free of snow and ice. Still unsightly, but nice for walking…

The good news is that I am crushing my evening workouts. This week I am back to using my five pound weights. Yay! I am not struggling with the heavier dumbbells. I have cut back on reps and sets, and I have switched things up to doing arm and back exercise one night, hips and legs the next, so I am not doing the same muscles on consecutive nights. 💪🌟🦵

We are also still working on improving our diet by consistently planning ahead. Dan is really helping out with that. He seems to find it easier to come up with one weekly meal plan on Sunday night, than he does offering up a suggestion for one meal that can be prepared and served in half an hour – five or six consecutive nights of the week. Go figure!

That’s my health and fitness update for this week. Take care and have a great sunny rest of the day! 💞🌞

Can’t wait to see some green grass and flowers. 😊


Molly – Furever Home One Year In

It’s been one year since Molly moved into our home. She’s grown by leaps and bounds and she hasn’t always been the easiest addition to the family to deal with. She has a thing for destroying plant pots and toilet plungers. Her enthusiasm can be boundless and a little overwhelming at times. She leaves a trail of dog hair, sand, mud, and shredded trees. But, she is loving and affectionate and has the biggest and best doggy smile EVER.

Welcome Home, Molly! 🫶

Thinking of You

Mom and I

It has been ten years today since my mother passed away.  It could have been last week.   I don’t have to close my eyes to imagine my mother just as she was – at the end of her, or at any point in my, life.

I can see my mother bringing the frozen laundry in from the line, smell the fresh air, and feel the icy cold that she brought with it.

I can see my mother playing badminton with my sister Lorraine, sitting at the card table working on a jigsaw puzzle, or at the kitchen table playing Scrabble with us and our children.

I can see my mother at church – weekdays and Sundays, attending funerals of friends and neighbors, serving up food at Parrish suppers and get togethers.

I can see my mother knitting and crocheting sweaters and dresses, mittens and scarves for her grandchildren. I can see her at the kitchen table sewing dresses for my sisters and I.

I can see my mother cooking everyday meals, Sunday dinners, and holiday feasts – as well as baking an endless supply of fresh bread, buns, cakes, desert squares, and pies.

I can see my mother cleaning, painting, and decorating our home – throughout the seasons, over the years.

Mom with my kids – Mark, Jen, & Dan

I can see my mother arriving at my home – bearing baked goods and gifts for myself and my family. Making herself at home by doing laundry, washing dishes, making meals, and poisoning the dog (the last one may have been an accident but you don’t put chocolate under the Christmas tree when there’s a dog in the house 🫣)

I can see my mother in the nursing home, her final home on earth, visiting with her grandbabies’ babies – pushing them up and down the hallway on her walker, introducing them to nurses and residents, and proudly accompanying them to Sunday brunch at the Mayfair.

I can see my mother doing a million everyday, ordinary things that mothers do. It could have been decades ago or it could have been last week.

I hope that where my mother is now, she can see that we noticed and appreciated all that she did – and that it has not, and never will be, forgotten.

Rip Mom

Sprinter in Saskatchewan

This past weekend, I put on a sweatshirt and went out to sweep our back deck. I couldn’t believe that spring had finally sprung and our snow was gone. This morning winter sprang back. 🤦

The howling wind woke Molly up at five o’clock. She went to the living room window to check out the commotion and was beyond excited that winter had returned. Naturally, she had to go outside to check it out, so I was up at five to let her out, let her in, and towel dry her off, before returning to bed for a couple of hours. Lucky for me, Dan got up with her at six when she decided it was breakfast time.

You can’t see it in a still shot, but the neighbour’s Spruce trees are dancing like mad in this wind.
Hopefully the grass will be green when this snow melts – maybe? 🌞
I think she just goes in and out because she loves to be towel dried.

We are actually lucky that we are not getting the worst of it. Southeast of us, the highways are closed and conditions are much worse. And… The snow should be gone as fast as it came.

Take care out there and have a great day! 💞🌞❄️

Year Two – Week Nine

Another week of healing, health and fitness has passed and I’m still committed to the program. 💪

This past week I did my morning Zumba workout every day, did strength training almost every night (missed one night), and got outside for some fresh air. Molly and I went walking a couple of times – once with Dan and once with Jen and her daughter Prim. The walk with Jen and Prim was a long one on Saturday – around Wascana Lake.

Wascana Park – photo from my archives.

Wascana Park is in the heart of Regina. With the warmer weather that we have been experiencing, it was a good day for the park. The pathways were busy with people, strollers, and DOGS. Fortunately, Jen and Prim walked Molly and she was pretty happy just to truck along with them and stay out of trouble.

Molly did manage to come home dirty and tired.

I also spent a bit of time outside putzing around our yard yesterday. I put out some peanuts for our neighbourhood squirrel(s) and swept some of Molly’s destruction off the back patio.

It is too early to start planting outside but our cactus bloomed and Jen brought me a new ivy and spider plant to nurture.

This week will be business as usual with my fitness plan. My biggest push is to get my evening strength training back on track. My plan is for six exercises – ten sets of ten reps with three pound weights plus 10 sets of ten reps for wall pushups Monday thru Saturday. If all goes well, I will be moving back up to five pound weights next week. Yay!

That’s all I have for this week. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞

Year Two – Week Eight

Before I jump into this week’s ‘Health and Fitness’ update, I wanted to explain why my blog writing – and READING has been so sporadic over the past few months. 

With weeks of being down with the flu before Christmas, and then with a broken arm in January/February, one would think I would have had all kinds of time on my hands.  Which I did… but I also had a big bored dog on my hands who took offence every time I sat down to do anything.   She has been getting better these past couple of weeks. Hopefully, she will only improve going forward. And hopefully, I will have more opportunity to read and write on WordPress.

As for this week’s update…

My health and fitness journey has been a bit rocky these past few weeks.   My fractured arm has healed, but there is still random pain or discomfort when I move or stretch. I understand it will take a while for any tears or tweaks to muscles, tendons, and nerves to heal completely. But… It does get rather frustrating.

That being said, there has been a lot of positive movement – and more than I had anticipated a few weeks ago. 😁

I am back to doing full on, two armed, Zumba most days. I am not as comfortable or capable as I was last fall, but I am excited to be back at it. There are days that I just dance, but even the dance workouts are more intense as time goes on.

I have been getting out and about with Molly as often as possible. I am still going only when Dan or Jen are free to handle Molly’s leash. That is due to treacherous walking conditions, which are quickly improving thanks to our double digit (Celsius) temperatures this week.

At the dog park on Saturday where Molly had a bit of a run with Rocko.

I have also taken on a 21 Day Stretching and Balance Challenge, starting this past Saturday.

Molly makes any horizontal workout a challenge.

Finally, and best of all, I have been doing my strength training six nights a week and I am crushing it! I am going to stick to three pound weights for the next couple of weeks, increasing the reps and sets each week. Then, I will switch back up to five pounders. Yay!!!

That is it for this week’s update. I am anxious and excited about getting back on track and enjoying all the benefits of health and fitness, going forward.

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞

Full Moon Madness

There are nights when the wolves are silent, and only the moon howls.”  – George Carlin

It is that time of month again.   Full Moon madness, yea!

People are emotional, computers are crashing, and chaos reigns – once again.

We should have called her ‘Chaos’...
And people (granddaughter Genie) are just standing out on a pile of snow howling back at the moon. 💞

Whatever you are doing to deal with this month’s offering of moon madness, just know that tomorrow it peaks and we gradually slide back to a place of peaceful sanity. 👍

Take care and have a great rest of the day💞🌞

Kelly Clarkson ‘Stronger’ playing in background:

Year Two – Week Seven

Year One of my healthier, fitter lifestyle ended with back to back to back setbacks.  (Flu/brutal winter season/broken arm). Year Two brought healing and an eminent improvement to our weather.   April brings a new fridge sign to our kitchen….

I am ready to Move Forward – and moving forward I am.

My big news, this week and moving forward, is that am working in partnership with my daughter.  We haven’t been on the same path for a few years but here we are – Moving Forward together.

Health and fitness wise, we are coming from the same place and heading in the same direction. 

  • We both have chronic health conditions that neither of us have been managing well.  I have my respiratory issues (asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis) plus  genetic collagen issues.  My daughter Jen shares my collagen issues, plus having IBS, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and multiple severe allergies.  We share an ongoing battle with weight issues.
  • We are both tired of television commercials offering a magic bullet for anything and everything that ails us.  They do not work unless we do – and their side effects are often as bad or worse than the conditions they supposedly ‘cure’.
  • We are both concerned about our healthcare system which is struggling to survive an aging population and an epidemic of unhealthy life choices.
  • We both want to do better.   We know that nutrition and activity are key to improving our health, our fitness, and our lives.   We bring complimentary tools to the table.  I am strong in  sourcing out motivation and a variety of suitable workouts.   Jen is strong in  cooking, baking, and sourcing out  healthy recipes, nutritional information, and dietary needs and restrictions. 
  • We are both ‘dog people’.  Since Jen is dogless at the moment, I gladly share  Molly.   Since I am still dealing with some arm recovery issues, Jen takes the lead with Molly on our walks.  We have managed several lengthy and relatively challenging walks in the past couple of weeks. 
Moving Forward !

All in all, we have made a promising start.   Our frequent walks are augmenting my morning Zumba and evening strength training.   Jen works a physically demanding job but has also started her own at home workouts – which typically include and enhance sweeping, dusting, and laundry 😂.

That is my (our) health and fitness update this week.

Take care, have a great week, and let’s welcome back some serious SPRING weather this week! 🪻😊

April in Saskatchewan

“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz.  I wonder where the flowers iz?”.   If our grass has done any rising, I haven’t seen it. 🙄

Woke this morning to  fresh falling snow.
Molly doesn’t mind our lingering winter season.
A good day to start the Calla Lily bulbs that I picked up from Dollarama. The packages say they can be started indoors.
Memories of April 2021
And more April 2021 memories.

Since the fresh snow is covering up the areas of treacherous ice and water, it looks like our daily walk is on pause for today. I should get going around here and get some laundry and housekeeping caught up. And… start a few seeds and bulbs, just because it is APRIL. 💐💐🪻

Take care and have a great day! 💞🌸