Saturday Morning

My husband is home this weekend. It is one of those weekends when he is not scheduled to work, outdoor golf courses have closed and indoor golf clubs have yet to open their doors for the winter season. We have one of those rare weekends when we can enjoy each other’s company for two full days.

I run my errands on Saturday morning, so the first task at hand is to go through the fridge and cupboard to make a shopping list. We all know what can happen to a budget without a shopping list.

Off to the store list in hand, or on my phone, as the case may be. A stop at the bank and we are on our way to The Real Canadian Superstore. We make our way down the aisles and off to the cashier. Unfortunately, our granddaughter will not be ringing us through as she has been promoted to supervisor and works the evening shift. She is a sweet, hard working, responsible girl and she deserved the promotion even though she is only fifteen.

We get to the cash register and the list and the budget are obviously out the window 🙄

Since neither of us were super excited about going home to deal with our groceries, we stopped at Smitty’s for late breakfast/early lunch.

The afternoon was spent packaging up meat for the freezer, cleaning the fridge, cleaning up the yard and doing laundry.

It is so good to have a day when we can just be together, working side by side. Nine more months and I will be retired. It will be nice not to have to work around my schedule as well as his. It will be nice to have more ‘our’ days. 👫


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