Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen


Our own precious Christmas angel turns sixteen years old today. From the time she turned us into Grandma and Grandpa, she has been the definition of sweetness.

As a tot, she was bubbling over with love and happiness. Over the years, she has only grown in love and kindness, compassion and sweetness. She took the best of all of us and molded it into her own unique self.

With Mom
With sister Brook
Grade eight graduation after party

Genie with her little sisters

With brother Rory

Pictures cannot show the whole story and she wouldn’t want them to. Our little angel has been through hell and back over the years. She doesn’t allow that to break her or use it as an excuse to give less than her best. She has used it to make her better and stronger.

She has taken cruelty and heartbreak and used it to strengthen her love and affection for her family. Her childhood was taken from her but she is the fiercely dedicated and protective big sister. She is a dedicated employee who was made a shift supervisor at one of our biggest and busiest supermarkets – when she was fifteen – while still in school and heavily involved in music and drama.

Genevieve is so amazing, beautiful, caring and responsible – and today our little Christmas angel is sixteen.


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