Maddy’s Annual Boxing Day Sleepover

Nine years ago we were blessed with the happiest little granddaughter we could possibly hope for. Madison came into the world smiling and has made it her mission in life to spread joy.


We did not see Maddy cry until she was three years old and even then it was the most hilarious meltdown in the history of panty shopping. Apparently even if the panties were the right size, perfect color and had her favourite cartoon character on them, it was a dealbreaker if they did not come in a sealed plastic package. Lack of proper packaging had Maddy sitting in the aisle, sobbing her heart out. 😂. Maddy always has a plan, and perfect execution is everything. 🤣

Maddy’s Favourite Flowers of Course Because She Is Our Sunshine

One of Maddy’s favourite things is sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa. A few years ago we were going through a particularly hectic December, here and at their home, so sleepovers were put on hold. I promised a disappointed Maddy that we would have a sleepover for Boxing Day. She was more excited about her upcoming special Boxing Day Sleepover than she was about Christmas. 😂 She had a plan and this was going to be spectacular. Boxing Day was finally upon us and Maddy was ready. I picked her up, we made a quick shopping run, came home to arts and crafts, had a special Maddy planned supper, read a few books, had a long bubble bath with lots of toys and capped it all off with brunch the next morning. Thus began Maddy’s Annual Boxing Day Sleepover.

By the next Boxing Day, Maddy had recruited her little sister Prim so we had twice the fun for our annual event.

Last year there may have been a few bumps in the road😂

This year there is no Maddy’s Annual Boxing Day Sleepover but we will be thinking of her and hoping that her eyes are twinkling, she has an ear to ear smile and she is having a very special Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day Maddy💖