My family moved to Saskatchewan when I was three. The province had, and continues to have, plenty to offer. Our air is clear, our water is clean. We have lakes and forests which offer summer and winter activities. We have small cities that are reasonably easy to navigate, while offering a variety of services one would expect from a larger centre.

Lunching at one of our many favourite restaurants

Our weather varies from one extreme to the other throughout the year, but overall it is predictable.

Summer Hiking Trail
Winter Trail to our Vehicle

We have our share of social issues, but for the most part it is a relatively secure place to live. We have a number of industries – mining, agriculture, oil & gas, construction, to name a few – that offer a reasonable level of employment.


We have international airports in Saskatoon and Regina that offer us access to the rest of the world as well as local airports in smaller centres.

Saskatchewan ‘Land of the Living Skies’

I would like to move back to Manitoba one day, but for now, Saskatchewan is home. 💖