Granddaughter Genie stopped by for a short surprise visit yesterday with her younger siblings. It is a bad time to socialize but we did our best to keep physically distanced. Nobody was happy about the no huggs and kisses policy but they all complied.

Rory, Prim& Kat, Maddy

Genie has been working a lot at Superstore these last few weeks. They are making things better for store clerks – shorter hours to allow for extra cleaning and stocking, limited customers at one time, special shopping hours for seniors and for store staff, sneeze guards to protect cashiers and wage bonuses for all staff. So grateful to their powers that be that they realize how important their staff is to them and to us all!

It was great to see Rory, Maddy and Prim. With Mom and Genie working lots of hours, Rory is stepping up to cover a lot of the house cleaning. Maddy is growing up fast. She is helping out with cooking and baking. Prim is doing her part to keep things lively and helping where she can – no doubt keeping the dogs, cat and turtle on their toes.

A few things of note:

1) They are all great kids and it’s amazing how they pull together to help out.👍

2) We miss them all – thank goodness for technology that keeps families in contact while we are kept apart.📲

3) It is really hard to keep physically distanced in our little house. Going forward – no visits until it is warm enough to visit outside. Fortunately, we have a huge yard and warm weather is coming. 🌲

4) I am now pretty much out of gummy bears, toffee and Pepsi. 😂

5) Rory was as happy as the girls😊. I just caught him at a serious moment. (Probably when Genie and I made fun of him for referencing ‘Fifty Shades of Blue’). Apparently he hasn’t seen the movie. If it is a sequel to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ that is no doubt a good thing.


9 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Maybe trace your hand on paper and put x(kiss)&o(hugs) for Grankiddies. Sign,love Grandma. Decorate. They can keep in their pocket. I’m thinking of book”The Kissing Hand”

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  2. I heard about the book. Baby Racoon’s 1st day of school &mama makes him a kissing hand so he can take mama’s kisses with him.

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  3. No. I remember overhearing another mom at the library describe it.
    Myself I would get a kid(&I did for my son.Still has them):If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff
    “Don’t Let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus”
    I had a son and its not easy finding fun picture books for boys.


  4. I gave my kids “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch when they became parents. Gets a bit creepy when she starts climbing in her son’s window when he’s a full grown man but it still chokes me up.


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