Today I had my first outing in over two weeks. My husband is finally on days off . He drove me to our bank and then made a couple of stops where he ran in while I waited in the Jeep.

Our first stop was the bank. There was a guard at the door and people were lined up. Seemed simple enough, so I got into line – well back from the person ahead of me. The guard called down to ask what I needed. I said “access to an ATM”. He waved me to the front of the line and then seemed confused when I walked around vehicles to get to the entrance doors. I explained that this was the only way to keep my distance from the other people in line. He agreed, then as I stepped towards the door, he stepped right up to me to open the door for me. Arghh! I entered the ATM vestibule and there were four bank employees and one other customer in there. There was literally no where to step that would not mean coming within two feet of another person. I was committed at that point. I used the ATM that I was directed to. As I stepped towards the door, the guard stepped up to open it. I could not exit without coming within six inches of him. He was right in my face. Arghh again!

Next we stopped at the LBO. Dan ran in to grab a case of beer and a couple of bottles of wine (maybe a few bottles of wine). I didn’t notice what kind of performance they had going on at the door. I did notice that in a half empty parking lot, the two customers who arrived decided to park on either side of our vehicle. Go over there, or there, or anywhere!

Finally we stopped at the Dollar store. I watched Dan walk up to the doors. The exit door was obviously not in service so there was one door for traffic entering and exiting. In the vestibule, which is about the size of our coffee table, there was an employee directing one person out and one person in. The exchange of bodies was simultaneous and the employee was squeezed between them. 🤦

We live in a large province with a small population. We are one million people wandering around 590,000 square kilometers of land. It shouldn’t be that difficult to stay a few feet apart to control the spread of a potentially fatal virus until there is a credible vaccination and/or cure for it. But this is Saskatchewan! Land of the Living Skies and apparently the home of the covidiots.


3 thoughts on “Covidiots

  1. I suppose many people either want to do their errands in the big cities or the business establishments faced antiquated building structure realities that make it almost impossible to practice social distancing.

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  2. It was nice enough today to be outside and leave plenty of room between bodies. I think people in less dense areas think this is a disease that can only take off in major urban centres but that just is not the case.


  3. Oh, Lord! I’ve seen so many people in crowds go into the stores when I am shopping for things I need and I only go by myself, once a week or two, depending on how long I can stretch my food.

    Just the same, I see HUGE crowds of people- families- all huddled together- kids and all. The kids are constantly touching stuff, and the adults get into the aisles and stand right next to you. I just grab what I need and get out of there! A lot of people just aren’t being smart. But others are.

    I hope you’re well and in good spirits.


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