Happy Birthday!

This weekend we have two family birthdays. πŸŽ‚

Lucas & Cason – last visit before the lockdown

Yesterday, our grandson Lucas turned five years old. My son and his family live hours away from here so we were not able to celebrate in person. We sent Lucas some cash for his birthday. (My son said Lucas was very excited and wanted to spend it on a power tool for them to share – I do not think soπŸ˜‚.) Dan was at work, but I video called Lucas to wish him a Happy Birthday. We discussed his breakfast (pancakes with strawberries). We also played a few two person video games. It took me a bit to catch onto them but we got there. It was not an inperson visit but we both had fun!

Celebrating Mom’s birthday 2012 – Mom and Prim

Today would have been my Mother’s birthday. She passed away in April of 2013 one month short of her 95th birthday. Mom lived in a nursing home for her final five years. My daughter and I would often go to visit her and take her out for Sunday brunch. She loved to visit with her great-grandchildren and show them off to the staff and other residents in her home. She also loved it when we brought her flowers to brighten up her room. (Even the time we forgot to pick up a bouquet on our way out of town so had to pick wild flowers in the ditch along the wayπŸ˜‚)

I would love to be able to call my Mom and wish her a Happy Birthday, but honestly I am glad for her that she is not here. I am happy that her life ended peacefully, with family by her side. I am glad that she was not here to experience any part of this Covid 19 pandemic.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of being with your mom. My mom is 97 and is in assisted living. She is doing okay, but we haven’t visited for 2 months. I feel as if this pandemic is robbing me of my time with her. However, I am trying to stay positive. My hope is that we still have time to be together soon. Moms are special. Have a good day.

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  2. Thank you Betty. I hope you see your Mom soon. I have many good memories of my Mother – especially the things she would do for us. She was an amazing cook, seamstress and homemaker in general. She was also very good at carpentry and the like. My daughter inherited all of her skills and talents.

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