September 9th – The Downside of Aging

I usually write about the benefits of aging. Peace, patience, wisdom, understanding, time – the things that are a true blessing to the aged and for which I am truly grateful.

Today I am going to that ‘piece of my mind’ that deals with the downside of aging. FYI – I totally believe in the protection of the tiny tots around us! But where these protective measures become an issue for us older folks is when we inevitably reach that physical decline of strength and dexterity.

I don’t know what I would do without Dan, or with him – if he ever reaches my current state of decline.

Everyday there is a new challenge accessing something I want (like salad) or need (like Cheezies). I am not proud of it but I have resorted to taking a butcher knife to one of those stupid plastic protectors that come on store bought cakes. What are they protecting them from for heaven’s sake! It is a cake – obviously sold to be eaten. But, apparently and sadly, not by us wimpy old folks. 🥺

Sometimes it isn’t even a protective device as such. Sometimes it is supposedly convenience packaging – like those plastic bags that come with built in ziplock closures. Our store bought Gyoza bags are the worst. We have purchased them for years and last night was the first time I ever got one opened and resealed as they are meant to be. Chances are the next time we have Gyozas, I will have to resort to using my trusty butcher knife to regain access but last night it was a major win.

At home, I am relatively able to manage with Dan’s assistance and a bit of ingenuity. Going to my son’s house is a total battle of survival. With Cason at the age of inquisitive self-destruction, their entire place is one huge challenge. I finally figured out their baby gate to the basement and during our latest visit I discovered that they had booby-trapped their exterior doors. In case of a fire I will be fried to a crisp, clutching one of those stupid little plastic cap things that spins around with no intention of opening the door. (Way to go Dan & Amanda!) 😳

Anyway, that is my ‘piece of mind’ for the day. We are having chilli for supper so I should start trying to claw my way through the heavy duty, stretch plastic wrap on the the ground beef. 😟

Take care & have a good day! See you tomorrow 💞