October 8th – Synchronicity

It took me a while to find a positive news story today, but I am relatively positive that I have found one that people can appreciate. This story is about a bike rider who was injured in a freak accident and the doctor who happened upon the scene and quite possibly saved his life.

In short, Corrections officer Todd Van Guilder was out riding the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails of Minnesota. After landing on his chest, when he leapt off of his bike to avoid a catastrophic accident, he lost conciousness . Dr. Jesse Coenen, an emergency room physician from Wisconsin, happened upon the scene. He saved Van Guilder from potential heart stoppage and possible death by performing an emergency cricothyrotomy.

Obviously, this is a story that had a positive outcome for Van Guilder and for Dr. Coenen! But I believe it is a positive story for all of us.

We are often told “It can happen in an instant…”. Life changing events typically with devastating results. Fortunately, amazing things also tend to happen in an instant! Too often, these moments go unnoticed because disaster was averted. Nothing to see here, folks!

For all of us these moments happen on a regular basis throughout the course of our lives. One such dramatic event happened in ‘our’ life a few years back. My husband came home early one day with a splitting headache. Although he is not prone to headaches, he decided to lay down for a bit and hope that it would pass. It did not. The next morning I asked him if he wanted me to take home to the hospital to be checked out but he declined. I left for work. A couple of hours later he decided that he should in fact get checked out. He pulled on shorts and a t-shirt and called a cab to take him to our nearest emergency room. Entering the emergency room, he walked past a door that happened to open at that moment. A young doctor sitting at a desk glanced up and saw Dan. In that brief moment, the doctor noticed a strange rash on Dan’s leg. He jumped up, ordered a gurney, and had Dan taken straight into a treatment room. If, if, if… If the stars had not aligned perfectly in one instant, I would probably have lost Dan to sepsis. It was that close.

There have been countless other moments in our lives. Some more notable than others . Like the day that we were driving to Gravelbourg, one of the few times that I was behind the wheel. Just as we approached the turnoff to Gravelbourg, a vehicle coming towards us sped around a curve and came straight for us – in our lane. I honestly have no idea how a head-on collision was averted, but at the last second the other driver swerved back into his lane.

I could recount dozens of such moments in our life and I am sure there are hundreds more that went by totally unnoticed.

There were of course other moments where an ordinary day turned extraordinary just due to one incredible instant of synchronicity. That chance encounter, that stroke of luck, the perfect moment in nature, that perfect photo, or that perfect sports shot – all happen in one instant.

What I think this says, is that one needs to be aware of the potential for bad and good in life. And, we need to live in the moment – because that moment holds the possibility for the devastating and the miraculous.

Take care and have a great day, filled with special moments. 💞