October 31st – Halloween

Today’s subject for my last news story of for October was a no brainer. Having spent a reasonable amount of time sourcing out an entertaining Halloween article, the one I finally opted for can be found here .

This article focuses on food and the part it has played in the celebration of Halloween over the years. The entire article was quite informational and entertaining, but I did find a few things to be of particular interest.

  • Back in the early days of Halloween, ‘soul cakes’ were given out to children, beggars, and wandering Halloween minstrels in lieu of candy.
  • Way back in the early days, before pumpkin carving became a popular pastime at Halloween, people would carve potatoes and turnips
  • And my personal favourite – Before bobbing for apples became an entertaining event at Halloween parties, people would attach an apple at one end of a stick and a lit candle at the other end. A string would be tied to the middle of the stick and the stick would be spun around. The participants would try to take a bite out of the apple while avoiding getting smacked in the face with the lit candle. Such merriment was to be had in the ‘good old days’ !

Halloween, and the fun and games with foods that came with it, has become a much tamer celebration over the centuries. None the less, there are still many who choose to join in the festivities and many, the likes of us, who delight in seeing the little ones out and about in their adorable little costumes and pumpkin baskets filled with enough treats to keep them happy until Christmas.

Costume shopping
Dominic out on Paw Patrol
Prim & Maddy – spooky…
Genie & Rory (Suzy & Casey) we are all so excited 😋
Brook 😁

That’s it for today! Take care out there and have a great Halloween! 💞