I have often wondered about Karma –  “what goes around comes around?”.  It generally seems that Karma is more   a hit than a miss.   I do something I  think is super special and …. nothing.  Not a thank-you, not a thumbs up from the universe, Nada!  Then someone does something totally nasty to me and …. the universe beams down on them. All the while, Karma is nowhere to be found.  

Then there are the other times –  those times when I am just trucking along, totally oblivious to Karma.  I am not trying to bargain with her or pressure her or sneak anything past her, and there she is!

In the past few days, Karma has just been there!   It started off in such a simple manner that it hardly seemed ‘Karma‘ worthy.

Before we received our recent heavy dump of fresh snow, Kat and I had resumed our daily walk.   Dan had  been joining us.  After a few days, the walks started to bother him – a lot!   Dan is a big man.  He has been working in a steel plant, walking miles and miles, on cement floors, wearing heavy steel toed and steel plate metguard work boots for decades.  His feet have taken a beating.  Since he has been off of work for a few months now, the feeling seems to be coming back to them, making things even worse than usual. 

I knew Dan had foot issues.  I knew he had a number of thick callouses and problems with his nails.   It is one thing to know it and another to really know it. One day Dan was saying how much his feet always bother him and it just hit me how much discomfort he was in.   I started wondering if I could do anything to help. 

The next day we went shopping and I looked around for foot care products.   We came home with some Dr. Teal’s Epson salts.  At home, I found a rubber basin and some foot lotion.  That night, I brought everything out and asked Dan if we could try soaking his feet.    He was more than willing.   Now, this has become a thing we do.  Every night I fix a warm basin of water with Epsom salts, he soaks his feet, one at a time, and as they come out I dry them and massage them with foot cream.

Our evening ritual takes less than an hour from start to finish.   Dan’s feet started looking and feeling better by the third night in. It was amazing.

What was even more amazing, was the unexpected arrival of Karma. As Dan’s feet have been healing, I have found it pleasant and relaxing to work our way through our evening routine. It is like our own little spa date every night. As a bonus, my hands are smoother and softer than they have been for years, the achy stiffness has been melting away, and my dexterity is improving daily. Thank you, Karma!

Ready for our nightly spa date 🙂

Keep safe and have a nice day. 💞