October 4th – No Comment

I am going back to Saturday’s edition of our local newspaper for today’s ‘News & Views Blog’.    On Saturday,  amidst the latest news on Covid, our recent federal election, and our first national  Truth and Reconciliation Day events, there was one article that stood out.    It was notable because, as usual, it did not warrant the attention of our vocal outspoken commenters.

The subject of this unassuming little article was ‘domestic homicide’.  Specifically it was in regards to the ongoing trial for a man who stands accused of killing his ex-wife.   Since the trial is ongoing and there is yet to be a verdict,  I obviously cannot speak to his guilt or innocence. 

What I can speak to is the fact that Saskatchewan has the highest per capita rate of domestic homicides in Canada. 

What I can speak to are the victims – males, females, tots to senior.  Those living in urban centres and those in rural areas.  The wife of a farmer and the wife of an oilfield worker (and her toddler son),  the politician, the teacher, the contractor, and the addictions counselor (and her three young children), all of them. All deserving of their precious lives and all deprived of them by someone who had committed to love and protect them.  

It is not an issue that is easy to address. Ignoring it will not make it go away. But apparently we can try.

Take care and have a good rest of this day! 💞