In my mind, the secret to success in any venture is to add more value to the situation than you take out of it. Period!  This is true of pretty much anything that I can think of – relationships, employment, business, education, property, sports, anything. That seems so basic!

So why does it seem like there are so many people who believe the exact opposite?   People who seem to think that if they are not taking out more than they are putting in, they are wasting their time and they are being shortchanged? They go through life putting in minimal effort while sucking the life out of every opportunity that comes their way. Then they are shocked that every opportunity in life turns to trash for them.

These people go into every relationship for what they can get out of it, and complain when it falls apart. They do as little as possible at their job and then complain when the company fails to thrive and they do not get the raise or bonus they were counting on. They get a new vehicle, drive it into the ground, fail to maintain it and then complain because it is worthless junk. Their failures in life mount and they become self pitying victims of circumstance.

Seriously people? What do you expect will happen?

Are there really so many of these people out there or am I just a magnet for their type?