Last Stop – London

Our Genie has left Toronto behind and moved on to London, Ontario. This being her last stop with North American Midway, she will soon be heading home with countless memories and souvenirs from her summer adventure.

Our chat was relatively inconsequential this morning, mostly “I am so so excited to be coming home!” And “We are so excited that you are coming home!”.

I did however score a new set of photos to share. I so appreciate Genie keeping me in fresh photos this summer. Taking pictures while walking Molly is not as easy (or generally possible) as it was with Kat. And – it is so much fun seeing Genie’s weekly adventures through her own eyes (or camera lens).

This week’s bug photo.
A visit to the horticultural competition.
This one would have crushed the competition.
And a cat… Probably a good thing the eaves trough drain was a wall away from the cat. I can see Genie climbing up for a visit. 😯
Such a sad little face in the mirror. I felt sorry for her being so homesick but apparently she was just frustrated by a delay at work. 👍

She sent me a number of photos of a photogenic neighbourhood in London, but I will save those for another day.

Take care and have a beautiful rest of the day! 💞🌞

Ours is lovely, but the flies have replaced the mosquitoes and they are making me BUGGY!