Comfort Zone

Molly – In the Zone

Back in the days when I was working, I would receive a weekly inspirational email.  I do not remember the  name of the woman who authored  these emails.  I do however remember one email in particular.  It inspired me at the time and it has stuck with me to this day.

This one email focussed on our comfort zone.  Basically, the place, places, or situations where we feel comfortable.  For any number of people, which I am one of, anything outside  of our comfort zone(s) is uncomfortable to the point of being distressing.  So, what to do?

We have two options.   First off, we can do everything in our power to stay in our comfort zone(s). The problem with this, is that the harder we try to stay within our comfort zone, the smaller it gets.   We back ourselves into our yard or our house or our bed, while our life passes us by.   😢

Our second option is to realize that any discomfort or distress we feel in leaving our comfort zone is simply growing pains.   If we push through the pain, out comfort zone expands to include more and more of the life we are meant to live. 

Over the years, I have been reminded of this email countless times when I have experienced these ‘growing pains’.  

One situation it has specifically helped me deal with is my fear of driving.    (Terror would be a better word).   I have been terrified to the point of suffering full blown anxiety attacks when driving. (Which, trust me, is not good at any time but particularly dangerous when one is driving.)  By recognizing the first signs of distress, and accepting them as growing pains, I have been able to get past the discomfort and embrace the challenge of  expanding my comfort zone – even when I am driving.  

I know that I cannot do this advice the justice of the original author, but if there are places or situations that you find challenging, try it. If it doesn’t work for you, at least you tried. If it does work – you will be amazed!

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


February 8th – Spring Update

My update today will no doubt be one of favourites to do as it the subject is such a joy to me. On March of 2020, I put together a collection of my favourite spring photos to celebrate the kickoff of my favourite season.

This post was written on the last day that I was gainfully employed. Much has changed in the past two years, much has changed for the better, and one of the best changes has been the amount of time that I now have to enjoy and appreciate SPRING.

For my update to this post, I add photos of some of the special springtime moments that I have had the privilege of enjoying over the past couple of years.

Spring Cleaning
Out in the sunshine with Kat
April showers bring May flowers 🌸
Grandpa’s Bleeding Heart
A new bath for our feathered friends 🐦
Spring seedlings 🌿
Walking the paths in Patricia Park 🚶

All heartwarming memories of warm spring days. I am so fortunate that events conspired to move up my retirement plans. I love all of the opportunities that retirement has brought – but I particularly appreciate these days with yet another spring on the horizon. 🌞

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day!

Summertime Gratitude

There is so much to appreciate about summer in Canada. Sunshine, rain, trees, green grass and flowers – summer is nature’s most glorious season. I just love a Canadian summer!

I love being able to walk out the door in the clothes I am in. No jacket, scarf, snow boots or gloves. I can just walk out the door. When I have young children in my care, it is even more of a blessing as I do not have to wrestle them into winter outdoor wear.

I love summer clothes in general – shorts, t-shirts and sandals versus bulky sweaters, heavy pants, socks and solid footwear. Life is so much easier.

I love being able to jump in a vehicle and go wherever I want to be, whenever I want to go there. No heating the Jeep for fifteen minutes, no scraping the windows, no climbing over snowbanks to get into the Jeep and NO icy roads.

I love the hours and hours of daylight. I get up in the sunlight and it is practically light until I go to bed. Darkness is highly over rated in my mind. A bit of time to admire the stars and the moon is fine – but I do not need to see them at nine o’clock in the morning or five o’clock in the afternoon.

I love the wildlife. I love watching and hearing the birds and the bees, the squirrels and the occasional moose or deer by the side of the highway. There is very little wildlife to be seen in Saskatchewan during the winter months.

Everything is easier in the summer. Our cost of living is lower. Our meals are simpler. Recreation and exercise, as basic as taking a walk, is easier. Living is just easier!

I wouldn’t want to live in any country other than Canada, but summer is definitely the best season to be Canadian.

Genie at Waterfall Park in Regina
Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg
Wascana Park in Regina

R & R

Dan and I had a productive day yesterday so today it is all rest and relaxation.  Dan left to go golfing at 6 am so it is just Kat and I.  We are going for a walk and then spending the day hanging out in the yard.  It is supposed to be a sunny 31 degrees above (celsius) so should be a perfect day for doing next to nothing.

Yesterday we got our new boulder, Bob.    Bob is not terribly huge but he got as far as the corner of the front lawn and he is not moving. He will however get a shower the next time I water out front. 
The pool is up and almost full.
We found the ladybug planter I bought Dan a couple of years ago, cleaned it up and set it out.
We went to Uncle Wiener’s Discount Store (that is a real place 🙄) and bought privacy screen to install along the inside of our front chain link fence. It was not fun to install, with about a dozen cedars growing up to the fence, but we got it done. It does a pretty good job of providing privacy. From the street side, you really cannot see into the yard. ☺️

I also got a bit more yard clean-up done and washed down the patio set (again) so we are pretty much ready to spend some time enjoying our yard.

Have a great day and keep safe🌞