🇨🇦 Post Election 🇨🇦

Our election is over, and the results are in. These are my opinions, everyone has a right to agree or disagree. I speak only for myself.

First off, we came away with the best possible outcome. The Liberals will lead the country with a minority government, and the Conservatives, Bloc, NDP and Green parties have the power to work with them to bring positive changes for all Canadians.

We came away with the best Prime Minister possible. In the past four years, Justin Trudeau has made some rookie mistakes. That being said, he is a good man and a good leader, a good example for our youth. He treats his Mother with genuine respect and affection. He and his wife are respectful of each other and openly affectionate of each other and their children. When Mr. Trudeau speaks of his late Father, he remembers and admires him for the right reasons – for the way he raised his family and for the way he instilled in his sons a respect for themselves and others. Despite meeting with disrepect and ingratitude from regions of Canada, Mr. Trudeau works hard to serve all Canadians and is our best chance of ever having one united country.

Now for the post election disappointments:

1) Mr. Sheer, leader of the Conservatives couldn’t wait to start throwing dirt and dissention this morning, swearing he will ultimately take down Justin Trudeau at the next election.

2) Our Premier in Saskatchewan started the day by announcing that, with the support of Saskatchewan voters, he was going to Ottawa to demand an end to the carbon tax, more pipelines for Saskatchewan to pump our oil to market, and revised equalization payments favoring Saskatchewan. I for one did not vote for him to run the country and I for one have no idea why he thinks with less than 3 percent of the population of Canada, we should assume to rule the entire country with zero respect for other Canadians.

3) Mr. Blanchet, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, started the day by announcing that he would work for the good of Quebec and only Quebec. Again, no. We are all Canadians, one country. Our federal politicians should be working for the good of all Canadians.

4) Ralph Goodale has served the people of Canada for twenty-six years as a Liberal MLA from Saskatchewan. His seat was lost last night. He has served us well and deserves a respectful end to his career. Instead public forums, were filled with spiteful, ignorant comments. Just disgusting, in my mind.

That’s my take on the election. I hope we can find a way to work together going forward, to rebuild a strong country with respect and compromise for ourselves, our families and our fellow Canadians. I hope our politicians will get it together and lead the way. 🇨🇦