More Photos From Genie

Genie sent me a few more photos from her time in London, Ontario.

She spent some time wandering art exhibits…

I think this shot was taken in the Toronto airport.
Genie working a media event. The woman with her won a day at the ex (with her husband). Genie helped escort them around the midway – and had a good time doing it!
And she kicked things up a notch with a bowl of stew! (I love that bowl. 💞)

Now that Genie is back home, she has agreed to help me get some shots and videos of Molly. Hopefully, we will even get out of town to the Wascana Trails before our weather gets too nasty.

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞🌞


Just Another Summer Sunday

Molly and I started off on our walk this morning. The weather was perfect – not too hot, not too cool, not too humid. We went to the end of the block and I decided to come back to the house for a minute. We got in the yard and big fat raindrops started to fall. The skies opened up and it rained hard for two or three minutes. It stopped as suddenly as it started and we headed back out. We went two miles. Molly did perfect on the sidewalks and the back alley. We took the path through Regent Park and she acted up all the way through. Arghh … It is frustrating but it always feels good to get home. We got our walk in. We got home in one piece. Molly did a lot right – and she is still a puppy. We’ll get there.

I played in wet sand when we got home. 🙂

Granddaughter Genie and I had our Sunday chat yesterday. This is her last day in Saskatoon and then it is off to Toronto. One of the managers had to fly there early so she has Genie driving her car there for her. It is a thirty hour drive but she has a friend to help with the drive and a sister for company, so they will have a grand adventure. 🌟

Genie had to invest in a new camera this week as her old one gave out. (She must take after Grandma and Grandpa when it come to putting off upgrades. 😂). Anyway, she was excited with the improved quality of her photos so she sent me quite a few. I hope you enjoy!

This one was from her old phone. Genie’s little sisters, Maddy and Prim, at the Regina ex last week.
My kind of tattoo art…. Elephant! (This is not Genie)
This is Genie, sporting a new tat for her brother, Rory. She already had a sunflower on one wrist for Maddy, a Primrose on her other wrist for Prim(Rose), and a ladybug on her left shoulder for Grandpa. 🐞
Now for her choice of exhibition artwork this week!
This is my ok? for the week. 🙄
Saskatoon obviously has some talented youth!
I love that top one.. and gummy bears.. I love all three! (I hope when I inevitably choke to death on a gummy bear, people will just say I was killed by a bear and leave it at that. 😂)
My favourite this week💞
Close second – very close!

And, that is it for today. I am hoping Genie will have some great nature shots for me by next Sunday. They are taking the Canadian route to Toronto so they will be passing through some amazingly scenic areas.

Take care and have a great Sunday! 💞🌞