January 6th – Deep Freeze

Our weather isn’t getting any better today.   It is 32 below celsius and holding.  Dan was out shoveling the foot of snow that we got over the last couple of days.  I feel for him but every day is a day closer to spring! 🌷

Yesterday, we did some more after Christmas cleanup and took turns letting Kat in and out.  She keeps thinking she wants to go outside but changes her mind as soon as she gets there.

Winter sucks!

We ended up losing track of time while we were chasing down stray pine needles so our supper last night was a quick pizza that we whipped up together – with the help of the Pillsbury doughboy who provided the prepared pizza dough.

Dan chopped the ham, red onions, mushrooms and olives.  I strong-armed the crust out of the container, spread it out on the pan, brushed it with a light coating of sauce, and assembled the toppings that Dan had chopped, while adding a generous layer of pre-sliced pepperoni.

Which was followed by a thick layer of shredded cheese.

A few minutes of baking, followed by a couple of minutes under the broiler and tada! Supper is served. 

That is it for today! Hardly the most ambitious culinary experience, but it is already the sixth day of my Canadian meal plan and we have managed to avoid TV dinners and takeout so far. 👍

Take care, keep warm, and have a great day! 💞