Newsworthy News 💐

I typically begin my day with a cup of coffee and a few minutes online with our local newspaper. This is not generally the best way to begin my day, but I persist. Yesterday my persistence paid off!

Yesterday, tucked in amongst the tedious, depressing news of the day, there was a brilliant article on an amazing woman.

Fran Forsberg has spent decades providing a kind and loving home for over 160 foster children. Her dedication to these children did not stop with a healthy diet, clean clothing, and a warm bed. Fran Forster cared about the children she took in and cared about doing all she could to ensure that they fulfilled their potential and had the tools they needed to succeed in life.

In the nineties, Fran found herself mother to two children who were gender diverse. Wanting to be as informed and as supportive as possible, she attended a symposium on gender diversity. She was one mother in a room full of endocrinologists and psychologists. She returned home with a mission to do what needed to be done to ensure respect, pride, equality and success for children who were struggling in a society that did not typically understand nor accept them.

At sixty six, Fran Forsberg is still dedicated to the youth she continues to actively work with and for. Although she is no longer a foster parent, she has taken in three infants to care for during the pandemic.

Fran Forsberg is a heroine to many and having read this article about her, I am definitely one of them. It is not about her gender, her age, or even her personal mission. Fran Forsberg is an inspiration. She is a beautiful, positive, powerful person who despite a pandemic, financial struggles, political woes, and all of the turmoil that rocks our lives these days, she is still a beautiful, positive, powerful person – living her best life to do her part to make life better for others. 💞

Fran Forsberg (Saskatoon)