Raising Molly

Molly, the Pyrenees sheepdog, has been with us for (almost) three weeks now. It has been a fun and occasionally frustrating time. It has also been an amazing learning experience – as much for us, as for our fluffy friend.

Day One
Growing Bigger
And Bigger

Raising a well behaved, manageable dog is the only option when one is dealing with a dog that will soon be able to get the upper paw. Training is an ongoing effort – and one that is, fortunately going fairly well. At almost three months old, Molly is (pretty much) potty trained. She has learned to sit patiently while waiting to be fed. She is a natural at the ‘sit’ and ‘come’ command. She has ACED the ‘stay’ command – staying even when I walk across the yard, out of sight, and back to her. 👍 She understands down, stop, drop it, leave it, bring it, and NO. She doesn’t generally comply – but she understands. 🙄 She is getting better at walking on her leash and doesn’t always chew on it. Sometimes she does, but not ALWAYS. 😉

Molly is shaping up to be a natural sheepdog – not that we have sheep, but she would be a great help if we did. All dogs have their own quirks – but hers are with such purpose. She is always alert to dangerous intruders, but in a very inconspicuous and calm manner.

  • She does her business in one place – the most ‘hidden’ obscure corner of our yard
  • She follows RIGHT behind us – she will not walk ahead of us. (Which would be great, except Dan and I tend to take a step back on a rediculously regular basis).
  • She is SO quiet – we don’t hear her coming or going, and we seldom realize that she is RIGHT behind us – until we take a step back.
  • She keeps hidden when she sleeps. 😂
You can’t see me…

So far, so good! Every day is an adventure with our Molly as she finds her place in our home and hearts. 🤗💟

Love those white eyelashes. 🙂

That’s it for today! Take care and have a great day! 💞


Molly Has a Name 🤗

After giving it a decent amount of thought, we decided ‘Molly’ was a fitting name for our new Pyrenees.

Things have been going fairly well. She generally comes when called, seems to know she is Molly, and definitely understands ‘No’.

She is good with her color but hasn’t quite figured out the leash.
But she is working on it!

She didn’t have a great night as she was obviously missing her family. She did stop whining long enough to drag Dan’s belt across the house at one o’clock in the morning – thump, thump, thump. And she finally dozed off for a couple of hours at four! 🙄

She likes being brushed – sitting not so much and she is particularly offended at the concept of ‘stay’. She did do much better during my workout and potty training is progressing fairly well.

All in all, not a bad first full day and we see a lot of potential. 🤗

Molly Taking a Stroll

That is it for today. Take care and have a great rest of the day!