July 27th – Magical Service

I don’t know if we are on a roll or if everyone is just happy to have a return to normalcy in Saskatchewan. We have been out and about for the past couple of days and the service everywhere has been above and beyond.

Last night we went to The Keg for supper. My prime rib and Dan’s steak and lobster were done to perfection. The service was great, even though our waitress apologized if there were any mishaps, as this was her first week at this establishment. One of the managers came by our table after supper to gift me a generous portion of Billy Miner Pie for my birthday desert. He brought an extra plate as there was plenty to share with Dan. It was delicious!

This morning we went to our cell phone provider’s because we Dan and I were both having issues with our phones. We had two reps give us their undevided attention and get all of our issues resolved in record time.

From Prairie Mobile we moved on to Northgate Mall where Dan was able to walk in and get a quick trim from our favourite hairdresser. She did an excellent job as always. On the way out, we stopped in at a little shop where once again the service was excellent!

If this keeps up, we could get real spoiled real fast!

I hope you are having a great day and being made to feel welcome wherever you go! Take care and see you tomorrow. 💞