Kat the Cavalier

My husband and I share our home with our Cavalier. That’s a toy spaniel and like most spaniels, she has her quirks.

I’ve been told that dogs cannot watch television. No one has told, Kat. She will watch anything on television, although often it is half heartedly, until she sees a dog. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a dog. Any animal vaguely resembling a dog gets her attention.

Kat’s favourite television show is Mountain Men. There is one guy with a pack of hunting dogs. (I don’t know his name – I don’t really watch the show. I watch Kat watch the show) Anyway, my favourite part is when those dogs tree a mountain cat. Kat is there! She comes flying off the couch, crouches under the television and goes full on hunting dog. It’s like some kind of virtual reality for a spoiled little lap dog who is terrified of snowflakes in real life. Once the situation is under control, Kat swaggers back to her pillows on the couch and settles down until the pack needs her again.

Other than her television fetish, Kat is a fairly normal little dog. She loves to go for walks, as long as there is zero rain or snow. She will only do her business as we are crossing a road. Yes, our dog is a traffic stopper. My favourite part of that is stopping to pick up her poop while hoping I don’t get hit by a bus.

Kat loves to eat. As much as she loves meat, she prefers vegetables. She loves eating miniature tomatoes and beans off the plants in the summer. She used to eat jalapenos and Hungarian peppers until the summer we planted ghost peppers in the pepper patch.

Of course, like most dogs, Kat loves to share our bed. Actually she likes our pillows and isn’t terribly fond of sharing them with us.

For all her quirks, Kat is a pretty good little dog. She’s a good size for a small house or apartment. I don’t see us ever getting another pure bred pup, as they all seem to be a bit high maintenance and neurotic, but if you are looking to share your house with a small pure bred, Cavaliers are pretty entertaining and sweet.💖


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