We have been using the same veterinarian clinic for ages – through the comings and goings of three dogs and two cats.   Our issues have been minimal at most and we have been fortunate to work with some very compassionate and professional vets and technicians.   Until now…    A  few weeks ago, we had Kat to the clinic  for  some dental surgery.   The vet who did the surgery was terrific and very good at communicating with us.  She checked Kat out thoroughly before the surgery including doing blood tests ad dental x-rays.    Then a couple of weeks ago I took Kat back to the same vet for a follow-up visit and a vaccine that was due.  Everything was good!

A day or two later, Kat started coughing and choking.   I called the vet’s office but the vet who had just been seeing her was not in so another vet returned my call.  I have worked with this vet before and she is not my favourite.  Anyway, I told her what the issue was.  She said it sounded like kennel cough.  I asked if there had been an outbreak in their offices lately because other than going there, Kat had not been anywhere near another dog, or out of our yard, since last fall.   Well that did NOT go over well.   She said it was obvious that Kat had kennel cough and that she DID NOT pick it up at their clinic.   It’s not like I was threatening, or thinking of, suing or anything.  I let Kat play with a couple of other little dogs when I was settling up my bill there after her visits.    I just wanted to know if it really was likely that she had kennel cough. 😕

Anyway, after getting her panties in a bunch over that, the vet said she could write up a prescription for codeine if I wanted to come and pick it up.  She said it would calm the cough and help Kat to get the rest she needed to recover.  (Note: Kat is hardly the most active dog at the best of times.)

I asked the vet if it was safe for Kat to have codeine, since she has a very mild heart condition.   Well good grief!  That started her on another rant.  I agreed to pick up the codeine and give it a try.  Dan picked up the pills and we started giving them to her (3 pills a day – morning, noon, and night).  A couple of days later, Kat was totally wasted.  Her back end was no longer operating in sync with her front end, she was sleeping, eating, and spending a considerable amount of time standing in one spot, weaving side to side, and gazing at an imaginary spot on the floor.  Obviously the codeine was the issue, but I wasn’t up to another chat with the vet.  I cut Kat back to one pill in the morning and one pill at night.

With the lower dosage, Kat has been more functional, but she is still has a cough and she snuffles when she breathes.  Occasionally, she chokes.  So, I took to the internet yesterday.  I found an article on kennel cough that suggests it can cause swelling/inflammation of a dog’s nasal passages,  trachea, or bronchioles.  Following up on that, another article suggested coconut oil, cinnamon, or honey to reduce the inflammation. I decided to try a mix of all three. One teaspoon of coconut oil, half a teaspoon of honey, and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. Mixed together, it smells amazing and Kat loves it.

It is early to tell if she is on the mend, but she seemed to sleep better and quieter last night and today she seems to be feeling pretty good. Remains to be seen!

I don’t know if it is me or if vets (and human doctors for that matter) are just not as competent as they used to be – which is bizarre for all of the technology and treatment options that they have at their fingertips. 🤔

Anyway, Kat is happily rearing at the moment. Have other things going so that is that for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞

November 17th – Puppy Love

There are few things that make a house a home like having a pet to share it with. Dan and I have had a dog from day one together. Nowadays, it is Dan and I and our Cavalier ‘Kat’.

Today in honour of Kat – and Casey and Scraps, I offer a few ‘words of wisdom’ on the mighty, marvelous dogs that we have shared our home with.

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

– Will Rogers

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.”

– Dean Koontz
Casey dog💞 RIP

“The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.”

– Robert Falcon Scott

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

– CJ Frick

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”

– Robert Wagner

“Grandma, if you want a dog to come to you, you can’t yell at her. You have to sound like you want to give her a hug.”

– 2 year old Maddy B.
Maddy & Kat – hugs and puppy kisses💞

“Happiness is a warm puppy”.

Charles M. Schultz

“Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen.”

– Orhan Panuk
Kat – “Yes I have your blanket.” 😏

That is it for today! Take care and have a great day. 💞

Productive Weekend

Dan was home this weekend so we got more than a few things accomplished.

Dan cleaned the pond. Looking forward to repainting the planters and trim boards in our yard. They are looking a little too rustic for my taste.
I did all the laundry, plus all of our bedding including our pillows. I made up the bed nice and fresh. I gave Kat a bath. I scrubbed down the entire bathroom because it smelled like wet dog. Kat got into our room, jumped on our bed, and went into some psychotic whirlwind of a thing. ALL of our fresh bedding – including the fitted sheet, ended up on the floor smelling like wet dog. Do over!
I made cookies.
Dan mowed the lawn again – it needs a serious watering!
I enjoyed some texting with son Dan
And scored a sweet, new photo of Cason
And I did some texting with son Mark.

Hope you all enjoyed a good weekend!

Another Win🤗


Back in early November, I broke out in a case of shingles. I went to the doctor within a couple of days and he prescribed some very effective medication. My shingles were only bad for one week. For that week, they were pretty bad. I spent a lot of time in bed. When Dan was at work, I would get myself up to feed Kat and then lay down on the couch. Kat would eat, wander around for a while and then sit in front of me with a disgruntled look on her face. At seven thirty, she would run to the back porch to bark. I would haul myself up (in case she really needed to go out) and drag myself to the door to let her out.

When I got to the door, Kat would sit on her haunches and look at me as if to say “It is time for you to go – get out already!” I do not know what she would typically do when I went to work, but she obviously wanted me to go so she could do it.

This week, I officially retired. I have been home since the end of March so I have been wearing Kat down. She realizes that life has changed and she is making the best of it. She spends most of her day following me around waiting for treats, napping, or running around the yard barking at every dog, cat, or leaf that goes by. Later in the afternoon she will sit down by her leash and bark to let me know it is time for her walk.

Kat has stopped trying to get rid of me every morning. That is one more win for me. Now, I just hope to one day convince her that we no longer have to get up by six a.m.

Kat Fur

I have had three spaniels in my life. My first was Laddie, who was a pure black Cocker Spaniel. Laddie was my father’s pup back when I was a young child.

The second spaniel in my life was a dark brown and white Springer Spaniel named Sprocket. My brother in law gifted Sprocket to my children when they were young. Sprocket was hardly the sharpest tool in the shed. He was also as big as a horse and intent on running every chance he got. Fun times.

Both Laddie and Sprocket were beautiful dogs. They had medium length, curly hair that required little grooming. I thought that was typical of spaniels, until we got Kat. Kat is a King Charles Cavalier.

At her best, Kat looks like my idea of a typical spaniel.
It takes a while and a lot of brushing as winter goes on but her fur remains somewhat manageable
Twice a year, Kat’s fur gets out of control.
We take her to my daughter’s or a local groomer for a serious shave/ haircut.
And then there is our new reality – isolation Kat🙄

The current pandemic has created health and economic crisis around the globe. There are heart wrenching stories and pictures that fill our news feed daily. There are true heroes and heroines who have stepped up. There are pathetic excuses of humanity who have shown the selfish, evil side of humanity.

And then, there are the little things in life that we have come to take for granted. The services that we typically have available. I knew going in that there were a lot of things I would miss. I didn’t realize that dog grooming would be right up there.

I can’t wait to see how long it takes before Dan and I start missing our hairdresser. I can just see me back in a pony tail and Dan in a man bun.😂. Or not…

May you and yours be safe and strong throughout this difficult time. 💖

Pet Health

Kat & Casey

Last night my office partner got home from work to find her cat sick and suffering. It is always hard to have a sick pet. It is even harder when you cannot afford the medical care, medicine and special diet food they require. Luckily, Kori had a friend to help her with the finances to get Ziggy the care he required. By tomorrow night, he will be home chasing bottle caps and looking for kibble and cuddles.

When we had our dog Casey and our little blind cat Suzie we spent a fortune on veterinary bills. One month alone we spent $1,500.00 on ear surgery for Suzie and $2,500.00 for dental surgery and to remove a small growth for Casey. Even in a good year, our vet bills were in the hundreds.

When we got Kat, I looked into veterinary insurance. The cost is rediculous. There is no way around it, keeping a pet healthy and well takes money and a lot of it these days.

It costs a lot to provide veterinarian services. The equipment, staff, building, utilities, taxes, insurance, administration, cremation charges, supplies, ongoing education and training of staff – it all cost. The bottom line is veterinarians have to charge for their services because they have to cover their expenses and make enough profit to provide for themselves, their families and their own pets.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I know people love and need their pets and want to provide the care they require. With today’s veterinarian prices – I don’t know how a lot of people manage to do that.

Christmas 2.0

We had the sons over tonight for a belated Christmas. Unfortunately, Mark’s Erin couldn’t be here as she had to work and Danny’s daughter Gabby is with her mother for Christmas. Mark was here with Dominic and Danny was here with Amanda and their boys Lucas and Cason.

Lucas, Cason, Bacardi and Dominic

The boys kept busy with cars and Lego. There were a few pillow fights and a little mayhem. It’s a small house so a little mayhem goes a long way😂

Dominic and Lucas, who are both four years old, did great having their first supper at the big kid table.
Cason loved the cardboard box🤷
The adults were more into the chocolate

We had a good laid back visit. Spaghetti and hot wings might become our go to Christmas dinner. All in all an entertaining evening.

Dan is finally off work now for a few days so we get to relax with the dogs for a couple of hours. Nice🙂

Baccardi and Cornelius

Time With Kat

Kat Napping

My husband is on his last night shift this week so I am sitting here, hanging out with Kat. She’s looking a little bored tonight but she will have excitement soon enough.

My son and his family are coming for a few days after Christmas. They stay at a hotel with a waterpark while they are here but Kat gets to host their dogs.

Cornelius facing camera

Baccardi and Kat

This will be Cornelius’s first stay over. It will be fine during the day. They all get along and we have a large fenced in yard for them to run around in during the day. The nights could be a bit more challenging as they are all used to sleeping on the bed. Fun times!

National Cook For Your Pets Day


Today is a holiday that I can relate to. Today is National Cook For Your Pets Day. Our dog, Kat, gets homemade food everyday but for her it is always something to celebrate!

Kat gets dry kibble but we supplement it with a small dish of homemade ‘soft’ food in the morning. We started this when our previous dog, Casey, was getting up in age and was no longer able to manage enough dry food to keep her at a healthy weight. We wanted to provide her with the best nutrition possible so we studied the subject and started her on a special home cooked diet.  Of course, she had to share with Kat and once she was gone we kept up the practice. 


We follow the same basic recipe every time – meat, vegetables, and a little filler cooked together with saltless broth and one package of clear gelatin.    (The gelatin is good for her joints.) For meat we generally use a portion from a package we are using for our meal – hamburger, stewing meat, steak, chicken, turkey, or pork loin.  Occasionally we will buy her a small package of lamb or chicken livers.    Kat, like Casey did, loves vegetables and must sample each as we are chopping them.   Her favourites are carrots, asparagus and kohlrabi.  For filler we use a bit of rice, barley or orzo. Then we stew it together with the broth and gelatin, a spoonful of powdered eggshell, seasoned with homegrown herbs like parsley or lemon balm and a bit of pepper. We make a sizeable batch and freeze it in portions that will last her about for days.

Kat, ‘Taste Testing’

Kat the Cavalier

My husband and I share our home with our Cavalier. That’s a toy spaniel and like most spaniels, she has her quirks.

I’ve been told that dogs cannot watch television. No one has told, Kat. She will watch anything on television, although often it is half heartedly, until she sees a dog. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a dog. Any animal vaguely resembling a dog gets her attention.

Kat’s favourite television show is Mountain Men. There is one guy with a pack of hunting dogs. (I don’t know his name – I don’t really watch the show. I watch Kat watch the show) Anyway, my favourite part is when those dogs tree a mountain cat. Kat is there! She comes flying off the couch, crouches under the television and goes full on hunting dog. It’s like some kind of virtual reality for a spoiled little lap dog who is terrified of snowflakes in real life. Once the situation is under control, Kat swaggers back to her pillows on the couch and settles down until the pack needs her again.

Other than her television fetish, Kat is a fairly normal little dog. She loves to go for walks, as long as there is zero rain or snow. She will only do her business as we are crossing a road. Yes, our dog is a traffic stopper. My favourite part of that is stopping to pick up her poop while hoping I don’t get hit by a bus.

Kat loves to eat. As much as she loves meat, she prefers vegetables. She loves eating miniature tomatoes and beans off the plants in the summer. She used to eat jalapenos and Hungarian peppers until the summer we planted ghost peppers in the pepper patch.

Of course, like most dogs, Kat loves to share our bed. Actually she likes our pillows and isn’t terribly fond of sharing them with us.

For all her quirks, Kat is a pretty good little dog. She’s a good size for a small house or apartment. I don’t see us ever getting another pure bred pup, as they all seem to be a bit high maintenance and neurotic, but if you are looking to share your house with a small pure bred, Cavaliers are pretty entertaining and sweet.💖