We have been using the same veterinarian clinic for ages – through the comings and goings of three dogs and two cats.   Our issues have been minimal at most and we have been fortunate to work with some very compassionate and professional vets and technicians.   Until now…    A  few weeks ago, we had Kat to the clinic  for  some dental surgery.   The vet who did the surgery was terrific and very good at communicating with us.  She checked Kat out thoroughly before the surgery including doing blood tests ad dental x-rays.    Then a couple of weeks ago I took Kat back to the same vet for a follow-up visit and a vaccine that was due.  Everything was good!

A day or two later, Kat started coughing and choking.   I called the vet’s office but the vet who had just been seeing her was not in so another vet returned my call.  I have worked with this vet before and she is not my favourite.  Anyway, I told her what the issue was.  She said it sounded like kennel cough.  I asked if there had been an outbreak in their offices lately because other than going there, Kat had not been anywhere near another dog, or out of our yard, since last fall.   Well that did NOT go over well.   She said it was obvious that Kat had kennel cough and that she DID NOT pick it up at their clinic.   It’s not like I was threatening, or thinking of, suing or anything.  I let Kat play with a couple of other little dogs when I was settling up my bill there after her visits.    I just wanted to know if it really was likely that she had kennel cough. 😕

Anyway, after getting her panties in a bunch over that, the vet said she could write up a prescription for codeine if I wanted to come and pick it up.  She said it would calm the cough and help Kat to get the rest she needed to recover.  (Note: Kat is hardly the most active dog at the best of times.)

I asked the vet if it was safe for Kat to have codeine, since she has a very mild heart condition.   Well good grief!  That started her on another rant.  I agreed to pick up the codeine and give it a try.  Dan picked up the pills and we started giving them to her (3 pills a day – morning, noon, and night).  A couple of days later, Kat was totally wasted.  Her back end was no longer operating in sync with her front end, she was sleeping, eating, and spending a considerable amount of time standing in one spot, weaving side to side, and gazing at an imaginary spot on the floor.  Obviously the codeine was the issue, but I wasn’t up to another chat with the vet.  I cut Kat back to one pill in the morning and one pill at night.

With the lower dosage, Kat has been more functional, but she is still has a cough and she snuffles when she breathes.  Occasionally, she chokes.  So, I took to the internet yesterday.  I found an article on kennel cough that suggests it can cause swelling/inflammation of a dog’s nasal passages,  trachea, or bronchioles.  Following up on that, another article suggested coconut oil, cinnamon, or honey to reduce the inflammation. I decided to try a mix of all three. One teaspoon of coconut oil, half a teaspoon of honey, and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. Mixed together, it smells amazing and Kat loves it.

It is early to tell if she is on the mend, but she seemed to sleep better and quieter last night and today she seems to be feeling pretty good. Remains to be seen!

I don’t know if it is me or if vets (and human doctors for that matter) are just not as competent as they used to be – which is bizarre for all of the technology and treatment options that they have at their fingertips. 🤔

Anyway, Kat is happily rearing at the moment. Have other things going so that is that for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞