Letting Go

Following a few weeks of what seemed to be an on again, off again, up and down doggy cold, our little Kat took a decidedly bad turn for the worse.    I took her to our vet clinic for x-rays and examination to get to the bottom of her health issues.  Fortunately, the veterinarian I was able to get her in to see was the very competent and compassionate, Dr. Broberg.   Unfortunately, the diagnosis was devastating.  Our little Kat was suffering from catastrophic congenital heart failure and her lungs were filled with fluid. 

Dr. Broberg put her on oxygen and tried diuretics to clear her lungs, to give us a few more weeks or possibly months, with our sweet little girl.  Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped for and the next step was a twenty-four hour hospital.  We were not willing to put her through the anxiety and suffering that this would cause our Kat,  for what would inevitably be our short term gain. We chose to let her go now – sooner than later.

Last night, Dan and I were with Kat, as she was put to sleep.    She went quickly and peacefully.  We were and remain devastated.   But we are also grateful that the end came as gently as possible for all of us, grateful that we had the means to provide the care our little girl deserved to the very end, and ever so grateful for the countless memories that we have to cherish.

Nine years of tail wagging, squirrel chasing, snack sneaking, snuggles and cuddles fun wrapped up in one little King Charles Cavalier named Kat:

Together Again – Kat and CaseyRIP💞


Mistakes 😵

### Warning… Some days I feel the need to vent. This is one of those days. 😉

I live in Saskatchewan. We are one of the largest provinces in Canada by area and we have one of the smallest populations. So far, we are sitting in third place for the number of Covid fatalities per capita in Canada.

Our health facilities have been overwhelmed during every wave of this pandemic. At one point, our ICU’s have been overwhelmed to the point of sending critically ill and dying patients to Ontario, two provinces to our east, for care. For those lucky enough to survive the trauma of being admitted to our hospitals and ICU’s, there is no aftercare to assist in recovery, save what can be found in regular medical clinics, therapists, and the like – which have been overwhelmed by community needs and scaled back to allow for social distancing of clients and staff. There are no special clinics that have been set up to work with those who suffer from long-haul Covid, as has been happening in other jurisdictions in Canada and around the globe. This week, our provincial government released a new budget adding a six per cent provincial tax to gym memberships and services, golf memberships and fees, park fees, sports venues and the like. This, at a time when the cost of eating healthy is rising. This, at a time when adopting and living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever, if we are to recover and move past this pandemic.

There are people in Saskatchewan who would like to see an official review of what went right and what went wrong during this pandemic, to determine can be done now to best insure that we can deal more efficiently and successfully in the event of future pandemics. Our Premier and his cohorts have vehemently refused to consider any such review.

There was an article in our newspaper this morning, regarding this situation. In it the author noted that there have been mistakes made throughout this pandemic, that should be looked at to insure that they are not repeated.

Why is everything that goes wrong nowadays a mistake or an accident? Whatever happened to decisions and choices? Whatever happened to consequences and accountability? Whatever happened to taking responsibility for the decisions and choices that we make and taking steps to deal with the consequences?

This isn’t just about politics. It is about all of us as parents, professionals, partners, drivers, employers, human beings. The decisions and the choices we all make matter! Even when we decide or choose to do nothing in a situation, it matters. There are consequences that matter. And, none of us are hapless victims. We have the responsibility to make conscious, intelligent, reasonable decisions and choices and we have the power to deal with the consequences when we fail to do so. Life does not get any simpler than that.

Deep breath here. 😌

That is it for today. Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.

Take care and have a great day. 💞

Good or Bad

It is funny how we tend to judge people, objects, experiences, and  ‘things’  in our life in absolutes – right or wrong, good or bad. Our opinions can change from one day to the next, and yet we still tend to judge in absolutes.  

Today, I was thinking about the internet. Some days I think the internet is a horrid invention.   (Often, I feel that way about most technology – but that could be just me. 🙄).  But the internet can be such a bad, depressing,  part of my life.    I turn on the computer and I am faced with an overwhelming amount of news (too much of it bad).  I am drawn to the Weather Network, which can be seriously depressing when one lives in Saskatchewan.   Then I move on to the local newspaper.  There is seldom anything of note here, except that from comments it appears that we have a serious abundance of miserable people around here.  From there, I am generally off to Facebook to scan the recent posts and unfollow a few ‘friends’.   And finally… I waste time on games that I seldom , if ever, win.  Now I am ready to swear off the internet and move on to my day – none the better for the hour that I just wasted. 🥴

  • But… Here’s the thing!  The internet is nothing short of a modern miracle.   
  • I can do my banking in the comfort of my own home.  😊
  • I can shop for impossible to find items at affordable prices.  🤗
  • I can connect with total strangers around the world, and find commonalities with them on WordPress.  😊
  • I can touch base with my siblings, exchange photos of grandkids, and swap questionable humor.🤗
  • I  can Google source information on anything from recipes, to canine health issues, to gardening tips.  😊
  • I can go to Google Earth and check out  fascinating locations, near and far.   🤗
  • I can go to YouTube and learn ANYTHING from an exercise routine, to how to diagnose an issue with a vehicle (and possibly find a simple fix), to how to change printer ink cartridges (never a  simple fix), to how to change the springs in a garage door opener. 😊
  • I can download and read a book, watch a movie, or listen to every genre of music
  • And… I can even even check the news, weather, or social media – when or if I particularly want to. 🤗
  • The positives and possibilities are endless!

Obviously, the good outweighs the bad,  but it is all about how one looks at it.  The internet is a tool, and just like any tool,  it is all about how you use it.  🙂

Our link to the world (and our Genie elephant painting 😉).

That’s it for today.  Take care and have a great rest of the day! 💞

Five Weeks In!

I am five weeks into my spring fitness routine so it seems like a good time for another update.

First I just want to say that last week there was a full moon from Hell. If it could go wrong, it did, and on Saturday things went right off the rails.

NOW for the good news!

  • I managed to get through it all without coming unhinged. One step at a time… And I kept up my dancersize EVERY day. And yes, I had my glass of wine almost every evening – four out of seven for sure – but on Saturday I had two. 😂
  • I lost a pound and a half this week. I know, that is meagre and it could come back next week, but it is better news than putting on a pound and a half. I am feeling better and that is what it is all about. Also, my body is tightening up and my weight is shifting so my clothes are starting to fit a bit better. 😉
  • My dog, Kat is doing MUCH better today. I heard her cough/choke a little bit once this morning but she may have been faking it because she loves her coconut oil/honey/cinnamon mixture – Like Maddy used to do after I gave her a mini ice cream bar for a sore throat one day. (She even got her siblings on board. It sounded like the plague had hit when they came over. 🤣)
  • Sun is shining, snow is melting, and my seedlings are sprouting like a darn. 🌞
  • Yay! Another week of spring fitness down. 🤗
Zdancerliz’ has a number of YouTube videos that I have been working out with. This military themed one was a new one that I tried this morning. Despite the fact that I have the grace and co-ordination of Gumbi’s girlfriend, I was able to keep up with most of it without injuring myself. 😉
I have used this You Tube meditation by Rasa Pura a few times lately and find it super relaxing. 😌
Kat – looking, and I am sure feeling, much better. 💗

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day. 💞


We have been using the same veterinarian clinic for ages – through the comings and goings of three dogs and two cats.   Our issues have been minimal at most and we have been fortunate to work with some very compassionate and professional vets and technicians.   Until now…    A  few weeks ago, we had Kat to the clinic  for  some dental surgery.   The vet who did the surgery was terrific and very good at communicating with us.  She checked Kat out thoroughly before the surgery including doing blood tests ad dental x-rays.    Then a couple of weeks ago I took Kat back to the same vet for a follow-up visit and a vaccine that was due.  Everything was good!

A day or two later, Kat started coughing and choking.   I called the vet’s office but the vet who had just been seeing her was not in so another vet returned my call.  I have worked with this vet before and she is not my favourite.  Anyway, I told her what the issue was.  She said it sounded like kennel cough.  I asked if there had been an outbreak in their offices lately because other than going there, Kat had not been anywhere near another dog, or out of our yard, since last fall.   Well that did NOT go over well.   She said it was obvious that Kat had kennel cough and that she DID NOT pick it up at their clinic.   It’s not like I was threatening, or thinking of, suing or anything.  I let Kat play with a couple of other little dogs when I was settling up my bill there after her visits.    I just wanted to know if it really was likely that she had kennel cough. 😕

Anyway, after getting her panties in a bunch over that, the vet said she could write up a prescription for codeine if I wanted to come and pick it up.  She said it would calm the cough and help Kat to get the rest she needed to recover.  (Note: Kat is hardly the most active dog at the best of times.)

I asked the vet if it was safe for Kat to have codeine, since she has a very mild heart condition.   Well good grief!  That started her on another rant.  I agreed to pick up the codeine and give it a try.  Dan picked up the pills and we started giving them to her (3 pills a day – morning, noon, and night).  A couple of days later, Kat was totally wasted.  Her back end was no longer operating in sync with her front end, she was sleeping, eating, and spending a considerable amount of time standing in one spot, weaving side to side, and gazing at an imaginary spot on the floor.  Obviously the codeine was the issue, but I wasn’t up to another chat with the vet.  I cut Kat back to one pill in the morning and one pill at night.

With the lower dosage, Kat has been more functional, but she is still has a cough and she snuffles when she breathes.  Occasionally, she chokes.  So, I took to the internet yesterday.  I found an article on kennel cough that suggests it can cause swelling/inflammation of a dog’s nasal passages,  trachea, or bronchioles.  Following up on that, another article suggested coconut oil, cinnamon, or honey to reduce the inflammation. I decided to try a mix of all three. One teaspoon of coconut oil, half a teaspoon of honey, and a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon. Mixed together, it smells amazing and Kat loves it.

It is early to tell if she is on the mend, but she seemed to sleep better and quieter last night and today she seems to be feeling pretty good. Remains to be seen!

I don’t know if it is me or if vets (and human doctors for that matter) are just not as competent as they used to be – which is bizarre for all of the technology and treatment options that they have at their fingertips. 🤔

Anyway, Kat is happily rearing at the moment. Have other things going so that is that for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞

St. Patrick’s Day

There is not a speck of Irish in me but since my Father’s birthday was March 17th it was always a big day to celebrate in our home.🍀🍀🍀🍀

I don’t remember Dad ever having a beard but he did seem to resemble a Leprechaun in this photo. (I was obviously wearing my heavy socks that day. 😂)

My Dad passed away twenty-eight years ago and my Mother has been gone for eight. I think of them virtually every day – but especially on their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like. I know they were not perfect, but they were good people. I am so grateful that I had such parents. They both left me with so many life and coping skills that have helped me to live a good life and to handle the inevitable challenges that I have faced. I tried so hard to pass that on to my children, especially to help them through the challenges! I sometimes wonder if any of them will feel any appreciation for me when I am gone. Not that I plan on going anywhere soon – but I can’t see it happening and I feel sorry for them. Life is hard enough at times without believing you are going through it alone. 😔

On to brighter thoughts… Spring is springing up around here!

The snow is disappearing to be replaced by mud and water in the streets. 🌞
My seeds are sprouting. 🤗 (Strangely, the flowers are coming up earlier than the tomatoes and peppers this year. )
There is nothing particularly springy about this photo but this is the duplex (313N Lorne Street) that I ultimately moved into with my kids – and began my life with Dan a couple of years later. I drove past it last week and had to stop to take a photo. 🥰. (It didn’t have nearly the yard we have here, but it was the cutest place inside.)

Anyway, that’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞

Happy Birthday, Dad! 🎂💞🍀

Four Weeks….

It has been four weeks since I looked in a mirror and decided that I had work to do to be ready for the arrival of spring.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm.” – African Proverb

I wasn’t a complete mess, but I was not good. I had allowed winter to wear on me. I was feeling funky – mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was tired of being cooped up indoors. I was feeling the strain of ongoing family issues – offspring issues. I was tired of being bombarded by bad news – locally and globally. I was tired of the years of Covid – especially the division of those pro caution and those pro ‘freedom’. Division over everything – health, government, economy, environment. It had all taken a toll.

With my favourite time of year on the horizon, I knew that I had work to do if I was going to get to fully appreciate the return of sunny days, fresh air, green grass and leafed out trees, planting seedlings in the warm rich soil, cleaning up the yard and preparing for the indoor/outdoor living of summer, and a return to regular walks with Kat (my little dog) sniffing along beside me.

With where I was, and all of the incentive to be in a better place by the time spring sprang, I decided to get to work. I started by dancersizing ALMOST every day. On a few days when I got a good workout moving snow, I may have let that slide a bit. I have worked on our diet – it’s not perfect, but it is better. And… I have been meditating, relaxing, and renewing mentally and emotionally.

Four weeks later… I am doing better. While I haven’t really lost any weight at this point, my energy level is UP, my oxygen level is consistently up three to four percent, my pulse is down six to eight BPM, and I am feeling pretty good. Mentally, I am getting sharper. My memory is better, I am doing better at word puzzles, and my reading comprehension is improving. Overall, I am more focussed. Emotionally, I am also feeling much better – happier, calmer, stronger.

I still have a ways to go, but I am impressed with how far I have come in four weeks. 🌞

And NONE to soon! Yay spring 🌸

Time to get my dancing shoes on. Take care and have a great day!💞

That Smells so Good!

I finally made my apple crisp! I have only been dying for one ever since I saw an apple pie on ‘TheClampetts‘ blog a week ago.

I should wait for supper so I can cut into it with Dan, but I am pretty sure he would want me to taste it in case there is a problem and I have to make a redo. Yep.. I’d better go taste it. That delicious smell of sweet spicy baked apples is just too much. 🤗

Take care and have a great day! 💞

International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. I will leave it up to those who are better informed than I, to discuss the obstacles and abuse that many females suffer in areas of the world. I will focus on the women in our province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Saskatchewan is very much a white, male dominated province. This is easily proven by glancing at any political or industry photo that is published in Saskatchewan. There are the token minority, native, women in the mix – but they are few and far between.

Saskatchewan women are also paid well beneath their male counterparts – for work that is as crucial, or more so, to the well being of a company or government department. There are probably laws against such discrimination, but it is as easy as manipulating job titles to stay on the right side of any laws on the books.

Also, in Saskatchewan, most women fall far short on pension income compared to men – mainly due to a lifetime of lower income and the fact that a lot of women tend to take lengthy leaves from the ‘paid work’ world to have and care for young children.

Those are the facts but here is where I get down to my opinion.

Yes, we live in a white, MALE dominated province. When it comes to power and finances, this is not terribly fair. However, in my opinion, if things are going to change – it is women who are going to have to make the bulk of the changes.

I worked (paid employment) for the better part of the past fifty years. The first twenty of those years was generally part-time balanced by completing my education and raising my family. The last thirty years was spent in the restaurant and construction industry – mainly in administration, the last few years being focused on sales.

Over the years, I have made the following (general) observations.

  • Men and women think and act differently when it comes to their education and careers.
  • Men interact differently with men (and with women) than women do with women (and with men).
  • Men tend to make friends and teammates in school and college – relationships that last well into their careers and probably into retirement.
  • From the first day of kindergarten, most little girls have a competitive relationship with other little girls. They have one or two close friendships – and are constantly working to exclude anyone else from their relationship group. Girls are MEAN to each other. It does not stop at kindergarten. It goes on throughout their education and right through their careers. Women do not have the same networks as men because they do not develop them.
  • Women, for the most part, do not dedicate themselves to their education or to their careers as most men do. I know that. I went to school with girls who focused on hair, clothes, boys and getting an education. The boys were focused on team sports, hanging with their bro’s, generating cash, getting an education – and girls.
  • When men enter the real work world, most of them make their work a pretty serious priority. Women – not so much. Over the years, especially in the construction industry, I knew a lot of women who showed up and did their job – nine to five, Monday through Friday. I worked in this industry for thirty years. I was what I was – a female, generally in skirts, heels and make-up. But I showed up – seven days a week if I had to, six o’clock in the morning or ten o’clock at night if I had to. I went to pre-construction walk thru’s, training seminars, industry meetings and events – and I was generally the only woman in the room. At first, I got strange looks from the men – but I was never abused or patronized in any way. As they came to know me and realized I knew my job and was dedicated to doing it, they came to just accept me, respect me, and appreciate my competence and reliability. My gender was irrelevant.
  • Women who made the most noise about how they were treated, were the ones who treated men the worst. (Treated everyone the worst). I noticed that, not only at the companies where I worked, but in unrelated industries – especially healthcare. If a woman in a medical office has a sign above her desk that states ‘NO ABUSE OR DISRESPECT WILL BE TOLERATED’, I seriously suggest that you tread carefully. Those women are dangerous.
  • Women are more prone to making excuses in a work environment – they blame co-workers, use mental issues (anxiety, OCD), use physical issues (Too short, to small, too feeble). If men encounter issues, they deal with them and move on.
  • Women tend to be less co-operative with co-workers. They do their job and that is it. Men tend to work together to get the job done.
  • When men become managers, they tend to be confident enough in their positions to look for the best employees they can get and will go out of their way to see them properly trained. They know that good performance by their staff will make them look good. Women tend to be easily threatened by competent employees. If they do find and hire them, they are reluctant to fully train them as they might become an even bigger threat. It is self defeating but I have seen it – a lot!

These are MY observations and opinions based on my experiences in Saskatchewan.

The bottom line is – yes I believe this is a male dominated province BUT if women want that to change, I think that they should change. See what the men are doing and do that. I don’t mean swearing and cussing, or dressing like a man, or acting all bull headed and bossy. I mean act competent, act professional, work with others, respect others and teach your daughters likewise – before they start kindergarten. Then inevitably things will change.

That is it for today. As always feel free to comment below – even, and especially, if you disagree with my comments above. Take care and have a great day! 💞