Good or Bad

It is funny how we tend to judge people, objects, experiences, and  ‘things’  in our life in absolutes – right or wrong, good or bad. Our opinions can change from one day to the next, and yet we still tend to judge in absolutes.  

Today, I was thinking about the internet. Some days I think the internet is a horrid invention.   (Often, I feel that way about most technology – but that could be just me. 🙄).  But the internet can be such a bad, depressing,  part of my life.    I turn on the computer and I am faced with an overwhelming amount of news (too much of it bad).  I am drawn to the Weather Network, which can be seriously depressing when one lives in Saskatchewan.   Then I move on to the local newspaper.  There is seldom anything of note here, except that from comments it appears that we have a serious abundance of miserable people around here.  From there, I am generally off to Facebook to scan the recent posts and unfollow a few ‘friends’.   And finally… I waste time on games that I seldom , if ever, win.  Now I am ready to swear off the internet and move on to my day – none the better for the hour that I just wasted. 🥴

  • But… Here’s the thing!  The internet is nothing short of a modern miracle.   
  • I can do my banking in the comfort of my own home.  😊
  • I can shop for impossible to find items at affordable prices.  🤗
  • I can connect with total strangers around the world, and find commonalities with them on WordPress.  😊
  • I can touch base with my siblings, exchange photos of grandkids, and swap questionable humor.🤗
  • I  can Google source information on anything from recipes, to canine health issues, to gardening tips.  😊
  • I can go to Google Earth and check out  fascinating locations, near and far.   🤗
  • I can go to YouTube and learn ANYTHING from an exercise routine, to how to diagnose an issue with a vehicle (and possibly find a simple fix), to how to change printer ink cartridges (never a  simple fix), to how to change the springs in a garage door opener. 😊
  • I can download and read a book, watch a movie, or listen to every genre of music
  • And… I can even even check the news, weather, or social media – when or if I particularly want to. 🤗
  • The positives and possibilities are endless!

Obviously, the good outweighs the bad,  but it is all about how one looks at it.  The internet is a tool, and just like any tool,  it is all about how you use it.  🙂

Our link to the world (and our Genie elephant painting 😉).

That’s it for today.  Take care and have a great rest of the day! 💞