Good or Bad

It is funny how we tend to judge people, objects, experiences, and  ‘things’  in our life in absolutes – right or wrong, good or bad. Our opinions can change from one day to the next, and yet we still tend to judge in absolutes.  

Today, I was thinking about the internet. Some days I think the internet is a horrid invention.   (Often, I feel that way about most technology – but that could be just me. 🙄).  But the internet can be such a bad, depressing,  part of my life.    I turn on the computer and I am faced with an overwhelming amount of news (too much of it bad).  I am drawn to the Weather Network, which can be seriously depressing when one lives in Saskatchewan.   Then I move on to the local newspaper.  There is seldom anything of note here, except that from comments it appears that we have a serious abundance of miserable people around here.  From there, I am generally off to Facebook to scan the recent posts and unfollow a few ‘friends’.   And finally… I waste time on games that I seldom , if ever, win.  Now I am ready to swear off the internet and move on to my day – none the better for the hour that I just wasted. 🥴

  • But… Here’s the thing!  The internet is nothing short of a modern miracle.   
  • I can do my banking in the comfort of my own home.  😊
  • I can shop for impossible to find items at affordable prices.  🤗
  • I can connect with total strangers around the world, and find commonalities with them on WordPress.  😊
  • I can touch base with my siblings, exchange photos of grandkids, and swap questionable humor.🤗
  • I  can Google source information on anything from recipes, to canine health issues, to gardening tips.  😊
  • I can go to Google Earth and check out  fascinating locations, near and far.   🤗
  • I can go to YouTube and learn ANYTHING from an exercise routine, to how to diagnose an issue with a vehicle (and possibly find a simple fix), to how to change printer ink cartridges (never a  simple fix), to how to change the springs in a garage door opener. 😊
  • I can download and read a book, watch a movie, or listen to every genre of music
  • And… I can even even check the news, weather, or social media – when or if I particularly want to. 🤗
  • The positives and possibilities are endless!

Obviously, the good outweighs the bad,  but it is all about how one looks at it.  The internet is a tool, and just like any tool,  it is all about how you use it.  🙂

Our link to the world (and our Genie elephant painting 😉).

That’s it for today.  Take care and have a great rest of the day! 💞


41 thoughts on “Good or Bad

  1. I often think the same about the internet. So much unwanted, unbelievable and excess information! However, like you, there are many good things too. For us, streaming good shows for little or no money has improved our television watching tremendously. I actually look forward to some shows that aren’t full of commercials and at times, just downright silly. You can stop a stream at any time; go get a snack, use the bathroom, or repeat something because you didn’t hear it. We still watch PBS (other than their news shows) and we watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and, my husband insists on watching Family Guy but that it about all we watch on commercial television.

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  2. I’m with you on this one Anne Marie. The folks I’ve found through Facebook from my home town has been a godsend over the years. But along with that is article after article leaning one way or the other that I just leave alone for my own sanity. I saw a comment years ago that said (paraphrasing here), “I saw a post that was so outrageous I couldn’t believe someone actually wrote it. Shaking, I articulated an eloquent response knocking down every frivolous point they had tried to make. Sitting back I re-read my comment, nodding thoughtfully (smugly). But short of a brain transplant there was no way I was ever gonna change their mind. Backspaced the whole thing and moved on!” Hahaha. Have a good day my friend…

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  3. I think a lot of us have love/hate relationships with the internet. I’ve had some peculiar things happen recently, both with the computer and the phone. My son mentioned he had also had odd things, and he said some are saying this is due to sun spot activity. I’m latching onto that, because it’s always nice to have something to blame.

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  4. We were having issues for a while too but I think it was issued with specific websites – their servers were crashing for some reason. I did hear about that sunspot activity as well. 💞

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  5. I agree with all your good aspects. They are all matters of choice. What really drives me nuts is how much now has to be done on line, which are not.

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  6. Unlike many tools, however, aspects of the internet are designed to keep your attention long after your question has been answered. That is where I fall into mindless surfing.

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  7. Guilty as charged! I found it more of an issue at work but I was always on such a tight schedule to get so much done that I really couldn’t let myself drift too far off course.


  8. All of your positive I agree with. Staying away from all the negative on the internet that I can is what I keep a check on. I don’t do much social media and would do nothing but WordPress if some people I need to hear from didn’t live on FB. 😦 I love your elephant painting.

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  9. Thank you, Frony! I love our elephant painting as well. 🥰 I know what you mean about Facebook. I suppose it does have its good and bad but it seems to be such an unhealthy obsession for so many.

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  10. Yes, the possibilities that the web offers are endless…I have learned a lot about DIY and particularly how to fix a lot of things in my car: it’s just that doing the actual work takes time and cannot be outsourced to the guy doing the “how to…” video…

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  11. We don’t always do the thing we like the best, but we always love it when we stop. LOL My Mom’s name is Anna Marie, so you bless me twice in remembering. The elephant IS awesome! 🙂 love, in lak’ech, Debra

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