That Smells so Good!

I finally made my apple crisp! I have only been dying for one ever since I saw an apple pie on ‘TheClampetts‘ blog a week ago.

I should wait for supper so I can cut into it with Dan, but I am pretty sure he would want me to taste it in case there is a problem and I have to make a redo. Yep.. I’d better go taste it. That delicious smell of sweet spicy baked apples is just too much. 🤗

Take care and have a great day! 💞


19 thoughts on “That Smells so Good!

  1. One of my favorite desserts. Hope it turned out perfect. I got a new Kitchen Aid for Christmas (my 4th one) but we’ve been dieting since November and have not used it nearly often enough. I about cry when I walk past it in the kitchen, but I’ve lost 15 so yay. Enjoy a piece for me Anne Marie. Do you top it with real whipped cream?

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  2. Thank you, Neese! It turned out pretty good. I used the recipe that called for the least amount of sugar. 👍. I would love a Kitchen Aid but I have no idea where I would keep it. Yay for lose 15 pounds. I have been being more active – shoveling snow and dancersizing (when Dan isn’t looking 🤦). I have been watching what I eat – mostly. I haven’t lost any weight but my lungs are getting stronger so I am super excited about that. I don’t eat whipped cream but we have vanilla ice cream to put on our desert. Take care, Neese!

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  3. I used Golden Delicious today. I think I usually use Granny Smith but there was a big cart of produce in front of them and I couldn’t reach over it. 😂. The ones I used worked fine.

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  4. She makes good looking food! And her posts are really interesting. 👍 And it is sooo.. good. 🤗. I would send you a piece but it would probably be pretty sketchy by the time it got there. 😕

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