Letting Go

Following a few weeks of what seemed to be an on again, off again, up and down doggy cold, our little Kat took a decidedly bad turn for the worse.    I took her to our vet clinic for x-rays and examination to get to the bottom of her health issues.  Fortunately, the veterinarian I was able to get her in to see was the very competent and compassionate, Dr. Broberg.   Unfortunately, the diagnosis was devastating.  Our little Kat was suffering from catastrophic congenital heart failure and her lungs were filled with fluid. 

Dr. Broberg put her on oxygen and tried diuretics to clear her lungs, to give us a few more weeks or possibly months, with our sweet little girl.  Unfortunately, things did not go as hoped for and the next step was a twenty-four hour hospital.  We were not willing to put her through the anxiety and suffering that this would cause our Kat,  for what would inevitably be our short term gain. We chose to let her go now – sooner than later.

Last night, Dan and I were with Kat, as she was put to sleep.    She went quickly and peacefully.  We were and remain devastated.   But we are also grateful that the end came as gently as possible for all of us, grateful that we had the means to provide the care our little girl deserved to the very end, and ever so grateful for the countless memories that we have to cherish.

Nine years of tail wagging, squirrel chasing, snack sneaking, snuggles and cuddles fun wrapped up in one little King Charles Cavalier named Kat:

Together Again – Kat and CaseyRIP💞


February 9th – For the Love of Elephants

It is beautiful, warm, and sunny in Saskatchewan. 🌞 Despite the sunny skies, it is hard not to be dragged down by all of the disturbing news in our province, country, and around the globe lately – but not today! Today I am going to update a post on one of my favourite subjects and then Kat and I are heading out to clear off more of the patio.

Today I am updating a post on elephants!


The herd has continued to grow slowly but surely over the past couple of years.

Super elephant isn’t really a ‘new’ addition. He just moved home to his place in the herd, from the spot he had on a shelf over my desk at work. He retired with me. 🤗

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!

January 28th – Take the Cake!

Yesterday was one of those days that just does not recover around food. Dan brought me a Robins raisin bran muffins for breakfast. A huge muffin! It kept me going until supper. For supper, Dan and I both had leftovers. He had the leftover seasoned ground beef from nacho night, mixed into a dish of Spanish rice. It looked and smelled amazing. I had the leftover roast pork, warmed in a pan with butter, sliced onions, and fresh mushrooms, with a generous side of buttered brussel sprouts. It was delicious but not as photogenic as it sounds

Our less than heroic kitchen efforts yesterday, left me lacking anything for my January Canadian food blog, so I did what I had to do to stay on point. I assembled some historic photos for today’s cheat day.

Welcome to great cakes through the years!

Celebrating my 4th birthday with sisters Denise and Elaine and brother Pete. My mother made delicious birthday often angel food made from scratch – and a lot of eggs!
Cake and strawberries. 😉
Salted caramel cake from the Co-op bakery. OMG!
Our wedding cake💞
A Valentine Birthday cake for Jen
Another July birthday cake for me.
Happy Birthday to Canada
Those were cakes that Jen made for Maddy & Prim💞
The German Chocolate cake that Dan made for his and Amanda’s wedding. Best chocolate cake EVER!
Turtle Cheesecake 🐢

That is it for today – I could fill a month of posts with cakes that we have enjoyed over the years. Lots of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, chocolate cakes, white cakes – you name it, we take it! It isn’t a celebration until the cake comes out. 🎉

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! (And if you get the opportunity – have cake!)

Day 27 – In His Own Mind

Day 27 of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ Challenge. I couldn’t get through this month without devoting one day to Dan. He is my husband, my best friend, and a definite positive in my life!

I hope you enjoy these photos from Dan’s phone. I think nothing says so much about a person as the pictures they carry with them.

Bonzai trees at Devonshire University of Alberta gardens outside of Edmonton.
That day Genie got her ladybug tattoo to match Grandpa’s – the one he got for his ‘ladybug‘ Genie.
Shooting wildlife the nice way💞
Dan’s late Aunt Helen and his Aunt Ethel. Amazing, strong women. Aunt Helen raised three deaf sons and two daughters. She was predeceased by her husband, two sons, one daughter, and a son-in-law. She lived on smart, capable, and independent until she was ninety-five. Aunt Ethel is one of those women I aspire to be. She is always peaceful, happy and so very kind. Two very special ladies!
Garden produce last summer. That Silent Sam was pure hot. The carrots were just very affectionate.
Garage spider ‘Fred’ (he lived there forever)
Five hundred year old Mystic Oak at Souris, MB.
The old and the new Souris Swinging Bridge. One of those times when new is definitely much better.
Hopefully he was going through a car wash but since he always hand washes our vehicles I am thinking he was driving to work through this. 😳🥺🙄

I hope you enjoyed Dan’s photos. It was pretty difficult to narrow his gallery down to these few but I think these ones do say a lot about him.

Twenty seven days down and only three more days to go! I (kind of) can’t believe I have made it this far.

Wishing all a delightful Sunday and I hope to see you tomorrow. 💞


Since January 1st of this year, I have been committed to focussing on peace.   I have written pages and pages of positive affirmations relative to peace.  I have walked miles and miles around our neighbourhood and through our local park, focussing on the peaceful ambiance of nature.  I try to keep peace a part of my day from morning to night.

Recently, I have felt that my life has become more peaceful. I am getting better at accepting the things I cannot change.  I am becoming  more patient.  I tend to be less anxious and I worry less than I used to. As a bonus, my physical health has been improving, which makes me feel better over-all.  

It seems even the people around me are less anxious and stressed than they were in the past.  Maybe I was just projecting my stress onto them?  Either way, life seems more peaceful.

Until a few nights ago…  Suddenly I had a dream about my ex-inlaws.  I dreamt that they came to celebrate Christmas with us.  I have not had any contact with them for many years. I seldom think of them. Nonetheless, I dreamt they showed up for Christmas.  I was so angry, hateful and cruel to them that even in my dream I was shocked at how mean and nasty and terrible I was.  I woke up feeling horrid for how I treated them in my dream.

I have no idea what that was all about. I do not know if I was unconsciously releasing all of my pent up unpeaceful thoughts and emotions. I certainly do not know why I would have spewed it all at my ex-inlaws. They have never been my favourite people but I have certainly known people I had more reason to hate on.

Emotions are so strange. Memories, dreams, or even fictional stories about fictional people can overwhelm us with joy or grief, anger, or fear. That is wierd and unsettling in a way. How we feel often guides us to what we say or how we act. But what about when our feelings are not even remotely based on our actual circumstances? Then what are they for? Hmmm….

Dan’s Album

Our weather has reverted to winter misery so I am in the house trying to keep occupied. I went through the photos on my husband’s phone to see how he views the world. (with his permission of course – I do not make a point of rifling through his phone😲). Enjoy!

Checking out Amanda’s new Expedition. Love the color!
Demolition day at Dan’s highschool.
Nightmare (Souris Swinging) bridge from my early childhood.
The new Souris Swinging Bridge. No more nightmares😊
Son Dan with his son Cason – cool how Dan’s shirt matches Carson’s pants🙄
A picture from Dan’s sister in Costa Rica – safety first🥺
Our little old monster pool
Making pipe
Jeep cleaning day👍

That is it for today. Have a great day and stay safe!