Year Two – Week Five

Whoo Hoo!!! It is nine weeks since I fractured my proximal humurus and humurus head. I saw my orthopedic specialist today for an update on my latest x-rays and ultrasound and the news was amazing! I am healed – ALL healed.

I had natural healing, my bones stayed in place and healed perfectly and I am off of ANY restrictions. I can do Zumba, lift weights, wave my arms in the air like I just don’t care! I have to work on my range of motion for a bit but the doctor said I was a very good healer. 😁

I know it may partly be genetics but personally I think that it has helped considerably that I was in good shape before the ‘incident’ and that I have taken care of myself since.

I have been following doctor’s instructions and maintaining the limitations he had me on. I have been drinking my beet juice, taking my vitamins D and B12, and taking calcium and zinc. I have been doing aerobics virtually every day. And I have been meditating and keeping a positive attitude. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

I am so excited. I never asked about a prognosis but at my age (almost 68), I kind of wondered whether I would ever be healed well enough to full on Zumba again or lift weights. I just didn’t know how strong a bone could be once it broke right through like that. Who knew?

Anyway, this is the best news I could hope for. I came home and did a full You Tube Zumba lesson. Our weather is mild today so I will go spend some time outside soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air.

Tonight, we are going to celebrate with KFC. Dan did buy steak and shrimp to barbecue for me but since I asked for chicken, we will do the steak supper tomorrow night.

Molly will score a few treats herself, even if she was responsible for breaking my arm in the first place. πŸ˜‚

That is all for today. I am so excited to be back to my full fitness routine. In a few weeks, I can look forward to garden planting and getting some much needed outdoor maintenance and painting done.

Keep safe and have a great day! πŸŒžπŸ’ž


January 28th – Take the Cake!

Yesterday was one of those days that just does not recover around food. Dan brought me a Robins raisin bran muffins for breakfast. A huge muffin! It kept me going until supper. For supper, Dan and I both had leftovers. He had the leftover seasoned ground beef from nacho night, mixed into a dish of Spanish rice. It looked and smelled amazing. I had the leftover roast pork, warmed in a pan with butter, sliced onions, and fresh mushrooms, with a generous side of buttered brussel sprouts. It was delicious but not as photogenic as it sounds

Our less than heroic kitchen efforts yesterday, left me lacking anything for my January Canadian food blog, so I did what I had to do to stay on point. I assembled some historic photos for today’s cheat day.

Welcome to great cakes through the years!

Celebrating my 4th birthday with sisters Denise and Elaine and brother Pete. My mother made delicious birthday often angel food made from scratch – and a lot of eggs!
Cake and strawberries. πŸ˜‰
Salted caramel cake from the Co-op bakery. OMG!
Our wedding cakeπŸ’ž
A Valentine Birthday cake for Jen
Another July birthday cake for me.
Happy Birthday to Canada
Those were cakes that Jen made for Maddy & PrimπŸ’ž
The German Chocolate cake that Dan made for his and Amanda’s wedding. Best chocolate cake EVER!
Turtle Cheesecake 🐒

That is it for today – I could fill a month of posts with cakes that we have enjoyed over the years. Lots of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, chocolate cakes, white cakes – you name it, we take it! It isn’t a celebration until the cake comes out. πŸŽ‰

That is it for today. Take care and have a great day! (And if you get the opportunity – have cake!)

July 26 – Older, Wiser, Better πŸ˜

So we have come to this.  I am officially over sixty-five. 

My sister Elaine makes the cutest cards for family! I have saved every one she has sent us. I might have to frame this elephant one! πŸ’ž

After working five brutal shifts, and the last three shifts being night shifts, Dan slept for three hours this morning and then came with me to do the weekly shopping. Tonight he is taking me out for a nice supper – I got to choose and since we had Arby’s last week, I chose The Keg. I love their prime rib and horseradish sauce. It is to die for! πŸ€—

Dan did have an extra special supper planned for us, but once again his romantic gesture was foiled. At least I wasn’t the one that foiled him this time. 😌

When we first started dating, we worked at the same company. One morning Dan snuck into my office and left a sweet note for me. He crumpled it up, so no one else would read it, and set it on my chair. I didn’t read it either. I tossed it in the wastebasket and cursed my boss for leaving his trash on my chair. πŸ™„

The next time Dan tried to romance me, he set a Hershey Kiss on the seat of his Jeep when he came to pick me up. I hopped right in – and sat on it. πŸ™„ At least he used chocolate that was wrapped in foil. That could have been really embarrassing. πŸ₯Ί

Then Dan took me out for my birthday. After a lovely meal at Golf’s, several staff members burst out of the kitchen carrying a sparkler topped birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚ I heard it was really nice. I was in the washroom. Our waiter did bring the little cake back, and it was delicious, as everything is at Golf’s. I think he even sang but I am fairly certain he sang alone. 🎢

Finally, the next year for my birthday Dan took me to Neo Japonica. Everything was magical and when the waitress brought me a saki martini, I was cautious (or lucky) enough that I did not toss it back and swallow my sparkling new engagement ring. πŸ’ž

This year, twenty-three years later, Dan decided that we should relive his triumph. He asked me if I remembered the name and address of the restaurant. It took me a couple of minutes but I did remember the name and I quickly Googled the address. Sadly Neo Japonica is no more. The unique building is still there – with the same verandah where we were seated that memorable night. Unfortunately, the ambiance of the Chuckwagon Hotdog and Ice Cream shop with the bright red shiny paint job just wouldn’t be the same. 😳

So, tonight we are off to a lovely supper at The Keg to celebrate my birthday and the anniversary of our engagement.

You are my greatest adventure too, Dear! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Dan always buys me the sweetest card. πŸ’ž

Wishing all a magical happy day today! See you tomorrow! πŸ’ž

* Notice how I used the word ambiance two days in a row. It is not a word that I generally use that often. πŸ€”