February 2nd Update – 10 Things Anyone Under 40 Should Never Do

For the second day of February, I am looking back at a blog that I posted while I was still gainfully employed and before I allowed my hair to turn a natural shade of grey. Then as now, I was aware of ageism in our society.

I stand behind everything that I noted in my original post but I do have a couple of things to add.

Number 1 – While I still take exception to much of how aging is portrayed via the youthful  ‘internet experts‘,  this agism thing has become personal for me in the past two years.   I  am regularly treated with less  respect and consideration than I had come to expect from family,  strangers, and acquaintances.   My age has become a determining factor in my worthiness. FYI – I refuse to accept that or buy into it at any age.

Number 2 –  I have one more rule to add.   Regardless of your age, do not compare yourself to anyone who is years or decades your senior.  We may not have your youthful beauty, or stamina, quick wit or nimble fingers – but we do have  qualities that you will not recognize or understand until you become one of us. 


Aging gracefully and gratefully for all of my life’s experiences
My father-in-law… living out his final years cherishing the memories of a life well lived, the family and friends he loved, and the community he supported.
My mother living her final years in a nursing home – Mothering, grand-mothering, and great-grandmothering. Regardless of parenting fads and fashions through the generations, it always came down to common sense and caring.
My Dad – 83 years old, living with cancer and dying with dignity. Still kind, still strong, still aware and interested in everything happening in his family and his community.

That’s it for today. For those of all ages – take care and have a great day!


July 30th – Nap Magic

Today, I reached the epitome of retirement. I had an afternoon nap! That is about as decadent and retired as it gets. 😊

Over the years, I have taken the occasional nap but it is generally the result of life threatening illness or a bit of meditation that went sideways. This was an honest to goodness, deliberate nap because I had a lousy night’s sleep. I typically sleep like a rock, but on the rare occasion that I do have a bad night, it is nothing to nap over. I am just happy knowing I do not have to drag my exhausted self to work the next day. 🤗

Yet, here I am – napped out. Now what? I just hope I can still sleep tonight. Otherwise this could be the beginning of a long and slippery slope ending in regular afternoon naps. 😴

This could ultimately be retirement with Dan and Kat one day. 🙄

Wishing everyone a great rest of the day and a magical long weekend if you are celebrating this weekend. Here, apparently it is Saskatchewan Day. 🎊

Take care and I hope to see you tomorrow. 💞

July 26 – Older, Wiser, Better 😁

So we have come to this.  I am officially over sixty-five. 

My sister Elaine makes the cutest cards for family! I have saved every one she has sent us. I might have to frame this elephant one! 💞

After working five brutal shifts, and the last three shifts being night shifts, Dan slept for three hours this morning and then came with me to do the weekly shopping. Tonight he is taking me out for a nice supper – I got to choose and since we had Arby’s last week, I chose The Keg. I love their prime rib and horseradish sauce. It is to die for! 🤗

Dan did have an extra special supper planned for us, but once again his romantic gesture was foiled. At least I wasn’t the one that foiled him this time. 😌

When we first started dating, we worked at the same company. One morning Dan snuck into my office and left a sweet note for me. He crumpled it up, so no one else would read it, and set it on my chair. I didn’t read it either. I tossed it in the wastebasket and cursed my boss for leaving his trash on my chair. 🙄

The next time Dan tried to romance me, he set a Hershey Kiss on the seat of his Jeep when he came to pick me up. I hopped right in – and sat on it. 🙄 At least he used chocolate that was wrapped in foil. That could have been really embarrassing. 🥺

Then Dan took me out for my birthday. After a lovely meal at Golf’s, several staff members burst out of the kitchen carrying a sparkler topped birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday! 🎂 I heard it was really nice. I was in the washroom. Our waiter did bring the little cake back, and it was delicious, as everything is at Golf’s. I think he even sang but I am fairly certain he sang alone. 🎶

Finally, the next year for my birthday Dan took me to Neo Japonica. Everything was magical and when the waitress brought me a saki martini, I was cautious (or lucky) enough that I did not toss it back and swallow my sparkling new engagement ring. 💞

This year, twenty-three years later, Dan decided that we should relive his triumph. He asked me if I remembered the name and address of the restaurant. It took me a couple of minutes but I did remember the name and I quickly Googled the address. Sadly Neo Japonica is no more. The unique building is still there – with the same verandah where we were seated that memorable night. Unfortunately, the ambiance of the Chuckwagon Hotdog and Ice Cream shop with the bright red shiny paint job just wouldn’t be the same. 😳

So, tonight we are off to a lovely supper at The Keg to celebrate my birthday and the anniversary of our engagement.

You are my greatest adventure too, Dear! 💞💞💞

Dan always buys me the sweetest card. 💞

Wishing all a magical happy day today! See you tomorrow! 💞

* Notice how I used the word ambiance two days in a row. It is not a word that I generally use that often. 🤔