February 9th – For the Love of Elephants

It is beautiful, warm, and sunny in Saskatchewan. 🌞 Despite the sunny skies, it is hard not to be dragged down by all of the disturbing news in our province, country, and around the globe lately – but not today! Today I am going to update a post on one of my favourite subjects and then Kat and I are heading out to clear off more of the patio.

Today I am updating a post on elephants!


The herd has continued to grow slowly but surely over the past couple of years.

Super elephant isn’t really a ‘new’ addition. He just moved home to his place in the herd, from the spot he had on a shelf over my desk at work. He retired with me. 🤗

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day!

28 thoughts on “February 9th – For the Love of Elephants

  1. I have a collection of elephants, too! They have been with me since the 1970s, and their last home was in my new office, marching to my Zen cactus garden in the window. They now reside in my “home office”. So fun–my ellies say hello to yours, and raise a trunk in toast!

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  2. For sure, Derrick. And no matter how many elephants join our herd, the gifted ones bring a special joy each time I go through my collection. They are gifts that keeps on giving. 💞


  3. Elephants are such magnificent creatures. I heard on the news that Saskatchewan is ending its vaccine passport policy on Monday. I hope our premier doesn’t get a similar idea, although rumour has it is that he’s going to speed up reopening.

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  4. I have no idea what he won it for or where. Or why there was a sea otter on it. He played hockey, baseball, darts, and racquetball and won trophies for all. He went to the Nationals for racquetball.


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