February 10th – I Was Right!

I am very happy to be in a marriage with my husband Dan. He is a good man. He is a responsible, hard working, intelligent, hilariously funny, caring man. But he has his less attractive qualities. First and foremost, he is annoyingly right way too often when we disagree. This is particularly true of his gut feelings about people and his opinion of the latest gizmos and gadgets. That obviously means that, in these disagreements, I am typically the one who is WRONG. 🥴

Back in May of 2020, I finally had reason to celebrate an infrequent case of righteousness. Today it is time to update my post on ‘lightweight expanding garden hoses‘ and set the record straight.


For some time, I had seen advertisements and displays calling me to invest in one of those handi-dandy lightweight hoses with the awesome functional nozzle. Finally, I had the chance to grab an economical model off a shelf in a discount store and manage to skid through the checkout with it before Dan could disuade me.

I brought it home and it was amazing! I loved my new hose. No more struggling with heavy, unyielding, rubber hoses. No more trying to operate lousy spray attachments. And my favourite… no more fighting and losing to our miserable automatic hose retractor. (Supposedly automatic 🤦).

For a good two weeks, I loved my new garden hose. I even dedicated a blog post to it – and happened to mention that I had indeed been right for once.

Then it happened. My wonderful hose sprung a little pinhole leak – and another – and another, until it resembled one of those sprinkler hoses.

This was at a time when my health was feeble at best. Dan, being the good man that he is, decided we should increase the odds for success and went out to buy me a much better quality, much pricier lightweight expanding garden hose. It lasted quite some time before Dan decided to use it to top up the pool one day. He was keeping an eye on it, when he noticed it was expanding in one concentrated area – much like a water balloon. He ran to shut off the water, but he did not run fast enough. The balloon burst. 🙄

At this time, I should have taken a cue from Genie…

Dan was able to shorten the hose, re-attach the spray nozzle and things went well for a few more weeks. Then the sprinkles started, became leaks, became larger leaks, until it lost all control of itself and caused a flood situation on the sidewalk and into our basement.

So.. that is that. Update on the lightweight expandable garden hose and my premature celebration… I was WRONG. 😧

Watering our front acre of lawn may not be particularly doable with a watering can, so obviously it is back to heavy, unco-operative rubber hoses. At least my health is considerably better now, so it will be more of an inconvenience than an all out crisis.

And I can almost always open jars with my handi-dandy jar openers – without dumping the contents of the jar down my shirt. So, I was RIGHT about these gadgets. 😊

That’s it for today. Take care and have a great day! 💞


26 thoughts on “February 10th – I Was Right!

  1. I am chuckling! I am also married to one of those “almost always right” guys. I would have received the same lecture you did. Anyway, when I am right, I about shout it from the rooftop or would if I dared climb the ladder to our roof which B does routinely. See??? I can’t win!

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  2. How annoying! Sometimes you do get what ya pay for… I don’t like those darn thick hoses either, but they just keep on working, even after sitting in our scorching summer heat all summer. Turning the hose on can be tricky, you must let all of the scorching hot water that will burn you, out first or you could kill your plants!

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  3. Sorry about the light weight hoses. I have thought of buying one of those in the past, but for some reason never did, I am glad I didn’t get one after reading about yours. You are right about the jar openers, I could not open some jars with out them.

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  4. This gave me a badly needed giggle. Thank you! And thanks also for the advert for jar openers. I need some of those – why are lids being put on so tight anyway? LOL

    Have a great week, Annmarie

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  5. My wife and I both thought those lightweight expanding garden houses were a miraculous new product breakthrough. Then we went through what you did, although you probably tried harder to salvage the idea. What a disappointment!

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  6. Enjoyed this fun post! My sis bought one of those for watering the plants off the deck since it was light weight. It did not last long either.
    However, I bought a metal water hose (stainless steel I think) called Hercules at Walmart. It is light weight, does not kind, and has a little reel you can coil it on–I can hold the reel with one hand and coil with the other with no effort. I have had it several years now, and it has never leaked, never frozen in winter, and the connections at each end has a very thick plastic guard over the metal, so I have never burned myself using it. I am buying a longer one for this year so I have additional reach–comes in lengths 25, 50, 75, and you can connect another hose to it easily.

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