For the Love of Elephants

For my second Christmas, my parents gave me a fluffy stuffed elephant. They may have been trying to insinuate something. I was a bit fluffy myself in those days.

My first elephant.

Forty years later, I started to seriously accumulate elephants. It began when my father-in-law passed away and I inherited my late mother-in-law’s elephants.

One of my mother-in-law’s favourite elephants. She received it from an artisan she met when on a cruise. She watched him make it and was so amazed by his talent that he gave it to her when it was finished.
I started buying elephants as souvenirs when we travelled. I bought this little guy for myself on our way home from my Mother’s funeral.

My husband, children and grandchildren started buying me elephants.

Dan bought me this elephant (piggy) bank when our granddaughter Maddy was about nine months old. She would come in and go straight to the bookshelf to feed the elephant toonies.
My son Mark picked up this ‘Ganesh’ statuette when he went to British Columbia with Erin and their son Dominic.
Gabby, Lucas and Cason picked up this cutie when my son Dan and Amanda took a family trip to California last summer.
This “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” trio of elephants was a birthday gift from my daughter Jennifer and family.
This bridge of elephants was a present from my sister Denise and her husband Ray. We went to visit them in White Rock, BC a few years ago and were able to celebrate our anniversary with them while we were there.

I have another seventy or so elephants right now. I have garden elephants, stuffed elephants, stone elephants – even a crystal elephant. I will share more pictures of my elephant friends in future posts.


12 thoughts on “For the Love of Elephants

  1. They are supposed to bring good luck but I just enjoy them even when they are not being lucky. Ganesh is an Indian god so I guess some elephants would be considered spiritual. The grandkids all love them too so that is a bonus!


  2. My son gave me three little blue glass elephants years ago. Also one mothers day he gave me a elephant and her baby. Said it reminded him of him and me. Got it in my kitchen window still

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  3. I think the kitchen is the only room in our house where I do not have elephants. I have a little vase on my window sill with an artificial red carnation from my Dad’s funeral (27 yrs ago) and pink rosebuds from my Mom’s funeral (7yrs ago).


  4. My wife too is a collector of elephants. One of my garden centre customers used to have a nearly full size elephant made of bronze for sale and a small one too. If I ever win the lottery I intend to buy her one.

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  5. I am renovating the grandkids sleepover room this spring. I photographer friend sent me a dozen images of real elephants. I am going to get them printed and framed to use in my reno. It will be fantastic! Real elephants are beautiful and would be amazing to see in the wild.

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